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By Jayson du Toit.

We recently interviewed Amateur MMA fighter David Mazinyane who made the switch from boxing to MMA.

He boasts an impressive background in both amateur and professional boxing including competing in the commonwealth 2002 London games, all African games in Nigeria 2004, Zone 6 Angolan champs 2003 and is also the ex-amateur welterweight SA champ.

KNUXX: Why did you make the switch from boxing to MMA David?

David: There are a lot of factors that influenced my decision in changing to MMA but the main reason was all the politics involved with the boxing world. I decided to take a break and try something new and that’s when Leo Gloss got me into MMA.

KNUXX: What has been the hardest adjustment to make from boxing to MMA?

David: People think that MMA is easy compared to boxing but I quickly learned that when you are in the cage there are many aspects to the sport like your ground game, take downs and so many other things! It was difficult for me but I am a fast learner and I am gaining knowledge quickly.

KNUXX: Have you made a good decision in leaving boxing for MMA?

David: Compared to SA boxing I think that MMA is taking over and I am sorry to say it but I think that SA boxing is dying. MMA is the future of all combat sports.

KNUXX: Take us through the average day of David Mazinyane.

David: I wake up at 4:30am and go straight to my gym (I own and run Ringside Boxing club in Primrose) and I train myself before my first class starts I then train my students and at around 9 I go to my grappling class. Basically I train all day long and in the evening I work on my ground game at Blood sport.

KNUXX: What motivates and drives you to fight?

David: Fighting is the only thing I know! A few years back I was stabbed and almost lost my life and was told that I would never fight again. God gave me a second chance in life and I took it with both hands. This is my time.

KNUXX: What lessons have you learned from the fights that you have had so far David?

David: You have to fully focus on so many different aspects in the cage not just stand up which is what I am used to. You have to be ready for anything in the cage and expect everything and try and counter.

KNUXX: Who do you look up to in the MMA world?

David: I respect anybody that gets into the cage with me but once that door is closed it’s a full on war!

KNUXX: What advice would you give to somebody who wants to start MMA?

David: I would say that they must learn their ground work first of all whether it be wrestling, jit’s or whatever because this is a very technical sport. Fitness is also the key to this game.

KNUXX: You are making steady progress in MMA what is the next step for the Fighting Prince?

David: My immediate goal is turning pro and competing at EFC but in the future i want to compete at UFC overseas. I want to leave a mark in the MMA world! One day when I am dead and gone I want people to remember that there was a boy from Africa that ended up at the top! That’s what I want to achieve in this life.

KNUXX: I have been saying it for years but I can’t wait for South Africa to knock on UFC’s door and show them what talent we really have here.
David: AWE!!!!!!

David would like to thank God firstly. Leo Gloss for introducing him into MMA. Resurrect. Pitbull Energy. Blood sport. Wade Henderson and to everybody that supports him.