THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE (Las Vegas/ Brazil/ Thailand)

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Posted By Lance Foreman

Las Vegas = MMA, World Class Boxing and Wrestling.  Thailand = the best in Muay Thai.  Brazil = the history and spirit of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.   I have yet to meet a fighter or trainer that does not want to experience all 3 locations, I.E. the Golden Triangle.  There is something magical about training here in Las Vegas and meeting the men who have built this sport. The same can be said for Thailand – me and 2 of my fighters were invited to Tiger Muay Thai to train for a week and it was an experience I cannot wait to repeat. My son, Briggs Foreman, was one of the fighters and his game improved by leaps and bounds in just a week. It is Muay Thai on a whole other level when you not only train in the country that the art and sport originated, but learn from the people who have Muay Thai in their DNA. DogBoxer is now an affililate of Tiger Muay Thai here in Las Vegas – we can, at lower rates, send fighters or groups to the Tiger camp. Will Elliot, the owner of Tiger Muay Thai has created a first rate facility in Puckett, Thailand. Will has also given us the opportunity to bring some of his own trainers to Las Vegas for a month at time –  offering private training for anyone who might benefit. BJJ Black Belt Sidney Silva and myself are taking a trip to Brazil this winter to facilitate training in Brazil and duplicate what we are doing with Tiger Muay Thai. Tom Huggins, a Rio transplant has been in the Brazilain and American MMA  scene for years and is awaiting our arrival and promises much success in putting this together for us. So we are actively putting together the “Golden Triangle” and making it a little more reachable for a few more fighters. This can help get guys into the big shows. It’s good for a fighter to travel and learn from the best – they will have opportunites to fight in Thailand and Brazil.  With the UFC growing world wide – opening up the Triangle can serve everybody. Jay Bridges, our new partner under the DogBoxer Management banner, is a former San Antonio Spurs player who was cut short due to a career ending knee surgery. Jay will be helping us facilitate these endeav0rs – he has a strong reach in the sports world with international connections and experience.

We are working another project that will fit in with the Golden Triangle concept. The DogBoxing base is Mexican style boxing which has adapted to the cage nicely. Not only do we have Mexican American Jose Celaya (the former WBO NABO Welterweight Boxing Champion) coming under DogBoxer we have Edwin “El Tigre” Aguilar looking to fight for us as soon as October. We are working with some former Mexican champions to do boxing camps in Mexico much like Tiger Muay Thai does them in Thailand. We won’t be offering this until after the first of the year, but we are all very excited about this additon to things. The Mexicans don’t come to box  – they come to fight and with Muay Thai in Thailand, BJJ from Sidney and Brazil, boxing with Jose Celaya and Mexico – throw in some NCAA wrestling and MMA in Vegas – this is going to be an exciting year!

On a side note, Phil Torres from Team Stockton has now come under the DogBoxer/War Banner. He will be training in Las Vegas off and on through the year learning DogBoxing concepts. He is a Sidney Silva Black Belt under Rickson Gracie – we are honored to have Phil and Team Stockton as part of the family. Stockton and Salinas (Salinas being my hometown) have always shared the same car so to speak. Phil has quite a few young fighters that are showing much promise and Phil is one of the Diaz brothers training partners so I am confident this will be a great addition to the DogBoxer/War brands  – sporting War Tape along the way.

Our goal with the Triangle is to provide these services in Vegas first. To bring more athletes that want to pursue their dream and be a part of the many gyms here in Las Vegas and be a constant feed for the UFC and other shows. The world is getting smaller and MMA is competitive – we need to take advantage and as always it starts here in the Fight Capitol – Las Vegas, Nevada. We appreciate the support of War World Wide, EON supplements, Fight Labs, Fight Church, Fight Fitness and Gold Buckle. Fight Church has a poker tourney coming soon at Red Rock Casino, we have seminars and a couple  of fights coming up in the next few months – stay tuned for more info. I would like to thank for letting us share the news from Las Vegas and many others that have encorauged us and supported us in the spirit of making the sport better for all of us!!!