The Journeyman

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Posted By Mike Smith

One more time on the road, here we go again. I’m writing this in the back seat of a Nissan on our way to Southern California from Las Vegas. I am cornering one of my fighters who took a fight on short notice. We had only ten days to prepare. Many boxers and mma guys take fights knowing they are the underdog. They are living the fight mantra: anyone, any place, anytime. Most of the time fighting outside of their hometown and sometimes country. In the fight world these men are called Journeymen, this is the fate of many fighters. In my 15 years of coaching boxing and mma here are a few signs that you are on the path to becoming a Journeyman.

1) Short notice fights –
Taking short notice fights when you are not in shape. Many good fighters get beat by less skilled guys because they simply get tired.
2)Overmatched –
Many take fights they are overmatched for because the promoter promises him future fights with his league. (You are a blue belt and your fighting 3 time world ju jitsu champion in brazil).
3)Payday –
Over the years this is the situation that occurs most of the time. The fighter is broke and bills are starting to pile up. He accepts any offer that’s given. His goal is to avoid injury and get his check. In his mind I lose this one but I win the next one, but sadly the next one never comes.
PS: (My fighter was a big underdog taking on the brother of a former UFC fighter. If that isn’t bad enough he had an all star corner with a UFC hall of famer and a fighter on the current UFC roster. And in the other corner its me in my Wal-Mart shorts and my fighter. To make a long story short my guy knocked out the favorite with a epic right hand. Sometimes the bull kills the matador)