The Whey to Go by Daniel Rocha

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As spring arises the weather is starting to get a bit warmer and I am seeing the honey’s already pull out the shorts…OMG, Thank You Lord for all you do!!!


But I am always asked just how to take off fat quickly while hardening up.  So whether your a male or female what’s the secret I am asked… “WHEY ISOLATE”   Yes, whey protein and specifically whey isolate.  Ok here comes the science… ready… Whey protein promotes fat loss by enhancing the release of glucagon. Glucagon stimulates the breakdown of glycogen stored in the liver.  When the blood glucose levels are high, the liver takes up large amounts of glucose.  Under the influence of insulin, this glucose is stored as glycogen.  Glucagon activates hepatic gluconeogenesis. This is the pathway by which amino acids are converted to glucose.  A higher dose of whey will result in lower insulin/glucagon ratio indicative of increased fat oxidation…HUH!?!


Well basically whey protein is just plain theromgenic.  It is rapidly digested and absorbed which increases metabolism.  The body will utilize it better than carbohydrates or fats resulting in energetic efficiency and increased thermogenesis.  Increases in protein can accelerate weight loss as well as cause changes to body fat while increasing muscle mass.  Increases in whey protein can increase energy expenditure while influencing appetite control.  Wow, this stuff is amazing.


So when do we use it? The best time is when blood sugar is low.  For the person looking to increase muscle mass, consumption of whey protein first thing upon rising will raise blood sugar while setting you up for anabolism.  Now you are ready to have breakfast.  The second best time would be right after training.  Your blood sugar is again low and the need to raise insulin for anabolic response is vital for recovery.  So immediately after your done consume at least 20-30g whey to begin the anabolic environment needed to recovery.


So there you have it, the best known secret to fat loss.  Simply replace at least one meal with a whey protein shake while changing the balance of your food intake and watch your body take on a new and enhanced look.  Further questions or coaching can be sent to [email protected]



Daniel Rocha is an athlete, personal trainer, body builder, coach and owner of RocBodyFitness / RocBodyAngels.  He is also an NPC National Athlete.  For more information please visit his website at or read his blog for more articles and commentary Roc Body Programs