There is a new MMA gym in Las Vegas that is doing things a little different!

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Posted by Josh Boyd

Las Vegas is the fight capital of the world.  It is the home of UFC and the international hub of MMA, the fastest growing sport on the planet.  As a result, it is also home to hundreds of training facilities including some of the best and biggest named gyms in all of MMA.  People from all over the world come to Vegas to train and compete.

You probably haven’t heard, but there is a brand new MMA gym in town.    Even though it has been up and running for a few months now, there has been little to no press or other fanfare to introduce it.  There were no flyers, posters, billboards or anything like that.  There wasn’t even a grand opening event.  As a matter of fact, if you were to pull up to the front of the gym, you most likely wouldn’t know you were there because, for now, there isn’t even a sign!

So, what’s the deal with this place?  Where is it?  Who is involved?  What’s going on?  How’s this thing going to work?  Well, here’s the deal…

This new gym is a 100% private facility located right in the heart of things, on Valley View between Desert Inn & Sahara.  There are no memberships and no classes, only private sessions and seminars.  The space is being sponsored by WAR Worldwide, the future in sports tape and handwraps, and will act as their headquarters here in Las Vegas.

This gym might be new, but those involved are not.  In addition to WAR, this gym houses several seasoned heavy hitters in the MMA world including Lance Foreman with Dog Boxer , Sidney Silva BJJ, Ron Belliveau with Head Hunter Muay Thai, and Mike Smith with Blacksmith Boxing.

This elite group of coaches have fighters, from all over the globe, that they are training and working with individually, some on a regular basis and others for specific camps.  There is also a team of fighters being selected, that will enjoy the expertise of the entire group and represent them in competition.  These fighters will be well trained and well represented.   Each of these coaches brings to the table relationships and connections that translate into tremendous opportunities for fighters.

This facility, being private, sets it apart and makes it the perfect place for high profile athletes and a celebrity clientele to enjoy uninhibited training.  It also rolls out the red carpet for things like photo shoots and filming.  As a matter of fact, there is actually a brand new national TV show that has decided to do all of primary filming at the facility.  The show will cover all things combat sports and will be hosted by some great former champs!

To add yet another layer of uniqueness to this already different concept, the gym is also home to Fight Church which is a Faith-based, non-profit organization that ministers to the practical and spiritual needs of those involved in MMA.  Through Fight Church, the gym has already begun and will continue to give back to the community.  Everyone involved is very excited about working on new and creative ways to help those in need!

This is a very different approach to things and it will be interesting to see how everything unfolds.


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