TITLE LiquiShock™ Foam & Water Heavy Bag Review

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Title has created a very durable water heavy bag that can take a beating. If you’re looking for a great water bag that will last for years then the LiquiShock is one you should consider.

Rating: We’ve given the LiquiShock™ Foam & Water Heavy Bag a 4.5 star rating. This bag is at the top of our list but not the best. We had to deduct points because of the higher price and lack of the tether on the bottom.

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Features & Benefits

The Title LiquiShock Water & Foam Heavy Bag is a hanging heavy bag that is filled with water. Since it’s filled with water the weight can be adjusted up or down depending on your preferred stiffness. Additionally it ships unfilled so it has a lower cost to get started since it’s lighter to ship than a traditional hanging heavy bag.

This bag is designed with a durable bladder surrounded by 3″ of foam which gives a more realistic punching feel. The bladder and foam are surrounded by a black poly canvas and vinyl outer shell that has been proven to be very durable and resistant to tears and stretching.

The bladder comes with a 10 Year Warranty which isn’t matched by many vendors.

The LiquiShock comes in 100, 140 and 180 lb. sizes so you can get the bag that is just right for you. Speaking of sizes, the dimensions of each bag are: 100 lbs. (13″ X 36″) 140 lbs. (15.5″ X 36″) 180 lbs. (15.5″ X 46″). Finally the bag hangs from sturdy stainless steel chains using D-Rings and S-hooks.

High Frequency TPU Bladder

Title went with a very strong, yet flexible, TPU bladder. TPU stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethane which is a specially designed polymer that can hold water in but still handle the abuse that a water bag receives.

The bladder is designed to take all strikes from all punchers – amateurs to professional fighters – including punches, elbows, knees and kicks. And they have enough faith in the system that they back it with a 10 year warranty.

3″ of Medium Density Foam Surrounds the Bladder

Directly punching a bladder filled with water isn’t too smart so Title went with the foam/water combination. Three inches of medium and High density foam surround the water bladder.

This not only helps protect the bladder but it also disperses the striking force so you don’t injure yourself. You can workout on a water back for much longer periods than with a fiber filled bag in most cases.

These are the benefits, but how do you know if it’s right for you?

Testing the LiquiShock™ Foam & Water Heavy Bag

Most people buy a water heavy bag because they want to get a great workout, have the ability to vary the weight and they want the realistic feel that comes from hitting a water-filled punching bag. But you have to make sure that you get a bag that is the best for your money.

More importantly you have to find the bag that will work for YOU and how you will use it. A heavy bag can be rated well but if the size is wrong or it isn’t the right style for your training goals then it does you no good.

When shopping for a water bag bag you have to consider a few things. The first of which is the size and type of the bag you need. This is based off the type of activity you’ll be doing, your weight and your experience level.

A quick way to find what size bag you need is to get a bag that has a max weight that is about 1/2 your weight. Of course more experienced punchers will want a heavier bag. Location, activity and training style will also play a part in bag choice.

Next, you should look at the cover or shell. When we test a heavy bag we focus on the shell material because it’s the most abused part of the bag and, aside from the straps, will weaken the fastest. You want something that will hold up to the abuse and not burst open – not to mention you need the cover to be sewn together VERY well. The most important part of a water heavy bag, after the shell, is the bladder.

The bladder is what you fill with water so you want something that is durable, has a realistic feel, is surrounded by padding of some sort so you don’t injure yourself while working out – or have it burst open and end up all over the floor.

After cover and bladder, we consider the durability of the bag; testing how it handles additional weight, workout sessions and if possible how it stands up to punches over time.

Some manufacturers back their bags with a warranties. This is the final thing we consider when testing/buying a hanging heavy bag, the support and warranty offered by the manufacturer – this all helps YOU make the best purchase decision. For more information check out our Heavy Bag Buying Guide.

Our Findings & Rating

PROS: Strong TPU Bladder, 10 year warranty, perfect density foam, trusted brand, heavy duty vinyl shell.
CONS: Missing a tether location, more expensive than other water bags, some inventory issues noticed on Amazon.

The Title LiquiShock Foam & Water Heavy Bag was designed with the fighter in mind. Title set out to design a water-filled bag that would stand up to punches from the entire range of fighters in all locations. You can find this exact bag in home gyms and professional gyms – we’ve seen it used in each with much success.

The water/foam combination help give the bag a life-like feel when striking the it.

Three inches of foam surround the bladder which, let’s admit it, has a name that sounds like a weapon you would find in a video game – LiquiShock!

When you think about it, the human body is over 70% water and many of us have a spongy layer so the LiquiShock is probably more life like than we know. This “feel” is important if you’re training to really fight and it’s also helpful as it gives you a good workout with just enough feedback to get your muscles burning quickly – the sign of a good workout.

One thing we really liked about this bag is that there is a good balance between the foam and the water. The foam absorbs just enough of impact from your strikes that the bladder doesn’t take a lot of strain. On top of that the water in the bladder has just the right resistance and push-back to help with strength training.

The fact that there’s a 10 year warranty on the bladder that contains the water means that Title has faith in the durability of their heavy bag. The bladder is filled from a spout at the top of the bag. Just thread your hose onto the adapter and fill it up. Just remember to not overfill the bladder and leave a little room for it to compress and you should be fine.

The glossy black vinyl shell surrounds everything. It’s backed by a webbing of poly canvas for added durability. We really liked that they went with a heavy duty vinyl as we’ve seen it work well inside and even outside.

Title took their time in designing the critical parts of this bag. The bladder is strong, the shell is durable and the hanging supports are reinforced. Three nylon straps are double sewn onto the shell and looped over d-rings. The rings provide a sturdy place for the chains to be attached using s-hooks. The whole system can be hung from a beam using a hanging kit or lag bolt system. If you don’t have access to a beam then a specific heavy bag stand should work (something designed for the right weight).

Title recommends hanging the bag from the ceiling and using a spring to dampen the vibration. Because it’s a water bag you get dampening anyway but the spring adds a bit – which is also helpful since the shell doesn’t come with a place to attach a tether. In our tests this only became an issue with powerful strikes. Otherwise movement/sway was pretty minimal. Overall we really liked this heavy bag and would recommend it if it fits what you need.

Note:**Our top water bag, the Century Tidal Wave, is much cheaper but doesn’t have the 10 year warranty. You’ll have to decide if the warranty is worth the added cost.

Who should get this?

Who should get the LiquiShock™ Foam & Water Heavy Bag? Anyone looking for a good workout on a heavy bag that is designed with fitness, durability and versatility in mind. The Title LiquiShock water bag is certainly a great addition to your home gym. If you’re dedicated to the TITLE brand then you can’t go wrong with this one as well.

Who should avoid it?

If you’re going to be heavy into strong punches, kicks or flying knees you might consider a Muay Thai bag instead. Or if you can’t stand the thought of water “potentially” leaking on your floor then you should stay away.

Have you tested it out? Add your rating and comments below!

This is an individual product review for the LiquiShock™ Foam & Water Heavy Bag, if you want to read about the best Water Heavy Bags, then you need to check out our Best Heavy Bags Review.

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