Tito Ortiz Speaks On Retirement

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Tito Ortiz speaks on retirement and what’s next for him, here is what he had to say…

On his retirement:

“It’s my last fight after 15 years. I don’t know what it’s going to feel like to walk out for the last time, step in the octagon for the last time, to walk out of the octagon for the last time. Honestly, man, I don’t know what to expect. Even signing a bout agreement, I realized that’s the last one,” he said. “It’s weird.”

On his career:

“I think with everything I did, I made a mark,” he said. “I showed guys what a little hard work and inspiration can do. I’m thankful God gave me the gifts I’ve had. I could have done so many things – worse things – as a kid and a man in general. My parents being drug addicts, I look at it as, ‘Why am I sitting where I am today?’ I think it’s through hard work and dedication. It’s very inspiring toward people knowing you can achieve anything in this world as long as you stay focused and work super, super hard at it. I’m thankful for that.”

On looking forward:

“It’s still in my head,” he said. “I just turned 37. (Randy) Couture fought till he was 44 or 45. Do I want to do it, though? I just don’t have that hunger in me anymore. It’s a business to me now. It’s been a business since day one. It’s love for the fighting, but it’s always a business. But I’ve got three boys to take of now. … It’s time.”

On what’s next:

“ESPN just came to me and offered me a job as an analyst,” he said. “But I went to (UFC Chairman) Lorenzo (Fertitta) and told him, ‘I want to work for you guys.’ I want to work with the UFC. I started my career with the UFC. I never had an amateur career. I’ve been with the UFC since day one in 1997. I would love to end it with the UFC.”