What is Cellulite? – by Daniel Rocha

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   Cellulite is a conjunctive tissue alteration following fat accumulation within the adiposity skin layer which causes: the aging of the tissue following glucose action on the collagen and elastine fibers, disorders at lymphatic and blood circulation level facilitating water and toxins retention.

What are the main factors allowing cellulite formation?
1.) Poor alimentation with excesses of: animal fat, processed sugars, and food additives
2.) Lack of regular physical exercise
3.) Hormone deregulation (puberty, contraceptives, pregnancy, menopause)
4.) Stress (leads to hormone hyper secretion)
5.) Coffee, alcohol and tobacco consumption … all in excess, that’s more than one daily

COFFEE, can it help the cause?  Simply, YES.  In the morning, on an empty stomach, you may have coffee without added sugar or other sweeteners, as it increases fat burning rate. Over consumption is where you run into the problem of cellulite because it raises cortisol.  The excess amount creates anxiety, nervousness and sleeplessness, whether you realize it or not.  I can not tell you how many times I hear, “I can drink coffee all day, and it doesn’t bother me!”  Yet they don’t realize what they are doing.

Things NOT to do …if you have cellulite!

1. Wear, at home, those very tight pants.  You need circulation, wear loose warm-ups or shorts
2. DON’T GET Liposuction because that makes cellulite more obvious!
3. DO NOT eat saturated fats and fast foods!

The simple supplement:  MRI Red Shred which contains clinically validated ingredients for weight and fat loss. It will improve your mood, boost energy and mental focus. It helps burn more body fat by also improving carbohydrate utilization.

The cardio program:  The StepMill.  We don’t call this gauntlet because it is easy.  It is brutal and 20min daily on this machine will surely cure your orange peel skin. Press thru your heels as this will work the glutes, pressing thru the toes will work the knees.

The exercise:  Squats… all and any form in high reps and done daily.  All my girls work legs and glutes daily.  It is not uncommon to do sets up to 50 reps.  We usually begin with 3-4 sets of one style squats and end with another 2-3 sets of another form of squats.

Follow these simple steps and I assure you that you will be very much on your way to a much better looking and well toned back side.  Cellulite will no longer be a problem… EVER!!!