What’s a picture really worth? – by Heath Holmes

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It has always been the goal of KNUXX to pull back the curtain and give our readers an opportunity to see some of the action behind the scenes in theNew Mexicofight community.  We like to introduce you to the local fighters, the local coaches, the fight promoters and even some of the local gyms.  By learning about what’s going on in the community you gain an appreciation for the work that goes into the sports we love.

We don’t just tell you about the fights, we usually try to have pictures so we can show you some of the action.  We have some great photographers we work with who have been more than willing to share their work with us.  You have seen some of the spectacular shots on our covers and inside the pages of each issue.  A few months ago it hit me (pun intended) that we needed to get some information on the great people who are behind the lens.  We had to profile some of the people that make KNUXX fun to read – and look at.  We work with photographers who have phenomenal skills, genuine hearts, unmatched professionalism and some who are even fighters themselves (so they have a unique perspective on combat sports).

The photos we get in this community are some of the most visually stimulating images around.  They add life to KNUXX, they capture historical moment and they help shape each fighter’s image.  What we’ve found while building KNUXX is that image is an important part of this fight community – it adds credibility and value to a brand.

I have learned that I personally need to work on my image.  I get asked all the time if I’m a fighter.  I don’t think it’s because I look like a fighter, on the contrary, I think it’s because I don’t look like a fighter.  I own a fight paper for crying out loud.  What image am I portraying for my paper?  To work on this, in this issue we launch another series called The Milano Project.  The quick description is that I’m getting into shape and training for a fight – let’s see how this goes.

You will notice that KNUXX is working on its image as well.  This is the first month that the paper will be printed in full color.  Every page, every ad, every photo will be in full color as they should be.  There really isn’t a place in the 21st century for black and white print and it only took us 11 issues to realize it!  This move should make it even more enjoyable to flip through each issue of KNUXX.

Over the coming months you will be able to see many positive changes with the paper.  As we grow we have the means to expand our content and present a better product.  Please take some time to let us know what you think about the paper (you can contact us on the website) and visit our advertisers – and let them know that we sent you; it only helps our image with them!

I hope you enjoy this issue.