What’s Up at KNUXX?

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Hey there, what’s up?  I can’t believe that an entire month has passed since our first issue of KNUXX hit over 100 racks in New Mexico.  So many things have happened and we’ve seen “just how deep the rabbit hole goes” in theNew Mexico fight community.  It seems that every time we attend one event we get information on two more.  It’s just a sign of how great it is that we’re attempting to bring some unity, communication and structure to this community.

With that in mind, you will notice some really positive additions to this issue – namely the “Fight Card”, Event Calendar, four more pages, and some great new writers.

The “Fight Card” is our business directory which lists all the shops, stores, gyms & businesses that support this community.  Check here when you want to know where to find some great clothing & fight gear, watch a pay-per-view event, or find a training gym.  We want this to be the most up-to-date directory in print forNew Mexicofighters and fans.  Many of these businesses have also chosen to advertise in KNUXX – give these guys your support as they support all us.

Take a look at page two and you will see our first stab at the structure and information we alluded to earlier in the form of our Event Calendar.  Here you will find all upcoming fight sports – both live and televised.  You will see that events are coded by genre (boxing, kickboxing, MMA, televised, etc.) and that it is free to list any events you have coming up.

Finally we would like to thank our advertisers and new writers.  The feedback we’ve received has been tremendous but two things kept coming back to us – more content and more pages.  We’ve accomplished this by getting some awesome support from some great freelance writers – Trula Howe & Chewy Saenz – both well known folks in theNew Mexico fight scene.

Let us know what you think – and we’ll keep punching!