Where is Fight Town?

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You might not know the story behind the paper you are reading right now.  It all started with a passion and a chance meeting with a well-knownNew Mexicofighter. I started KNUXX in 2009 with the idea of making a line of fight wear that appealed to those seeking “aggressive outerwear”. I made a few shirts and realized quickly that everyone with a brain was trying to do the same thing. So I shelved the idea for awhile.


Fast forward a couple of years and I decide to start a publishing company in Albuquerque, Defined Publishing, which specializes in nichepapers – those papers that serve small, targeted groups. Working closely with many of the great people and organizations in the community, I am invited to attend an appreciation breakfast for members of the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce. It was at this meeting that I met Damacio Page. He might not remember the event but it was a pivotal moment in my business.


At the time of this meeting I had only one publication, Tidbits of Albuquerque, which is a paper full of fun facts, games, puzzles, trivia and tidbits of information – it’s designed to entertain people while they wait yet remain “family friendly”. In speaking with Damacio I found that he really cares about the community and feels strongly that fighting, for some young people in NM, is the only way to pick themselves up out of ugly situations. I was fascinated by his passion, conviction, and story of how he did just that. I wanted badly to interview him and run an article in Tidbits about the fight community in NM and how it’s becoming a career choice for many of our youth.  But it just wasn’t the right type of article for Tidbits.


Prior to this chance meeting I was merely a Professional Couch Fighter – meaning I watched fights and thought about what I would do if I were brave enough to step into the octagon or ring. I realized that NewMexico, and specificallyAlbuquerque, is fast becoming the MMA Mecca – and always has been for the classical combat sports like boxing and martial arts.  So I resurrected KNUXX, but this time I decided that I would fuel my passion, and the passion of the NM fight community, with a fighting and training publication.


So here you have it, our third issue of KNUXX.  I hope you see that we love what we do just as much as you love the sport.  We want to provide you the information that feeds your passion and give you the access to fighters that, due to time and space constraints, you might not experience otherwise.  Read on to see why living inNew Mexicois like living in “FightTown, MMA”!



Heath Holmes