KNUXX is a destination for local fighting and fitness fans to get news and information.  Each day combat sports fans visit KNUXX to get updates on the local MMA, Boxing, BJJ, Grappling, Kickboxing, Traditional Martial Arts, Fitness & Bodybuilding community.

KNUXX is a network.  Traffic to KNUXX is growing rapidly as combat sports & fitness gain popularity worldwide.  Since launching officially in 2011, KNUXX has been recognized as a leader in local news, information and community – and our audience reflects this as they interact on the forum, social media & on the website.

KNUXX is a niche. KNUXX offers advertisers multiple ways to reach a highly targeted, active audience without breaking a budget.  Since we focus our efforts on the local community we are able to provide you a way to target your customers with unique deals, specials and announcements.

KNUXX is flexible.  We know that some companies don’t have a large advertising budget so we offer various advertising plans starting at $25/month.  We provide monthly reporting and analysis for your ads so you can see how effective they are.  We offer sponsorship opportunities, advertorials, basic online advertising, and custom advertising packages.



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