Best Double End Bags

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Best Double End Bags for Beginners 2019 2020

We have covered a few different types of punching bags already, such as speed bags and heavy bags but now it is time to explore the best double end bags.

This rather unique punching bag is often underrated and has so much to offer. If you are really looking to hone some of your key boxing and fighting skills then you can’t go wrong with a double end bag.

We have put together this article to give you more information about the double end bag in order to help you make an informed decision about whether you should purchase one, and if so, which products are the best double end bags on the market.

Who needs a Double End Bag?

A double end bag is a very specialised punching bag that has a magnitude of benefits for those who use it. It is mainly used by those who are professional boxers and fighters and those who are aspiring to be so.

Pretty much anyone who is taking their training seriously will have likely come across this type of punching bag at some point. This is because if you want to reach your full potential you must optimize all areas of your training and using a double end bag will allow you to do so.

This isn’t to say that if you aren’t a professional or aspiring to be a high-caliber fighter that you can’t use this type of punching bag. A boxing reflex bag is a great way to change up your exercising regiment and it can be great fun to train on this type of equipment.

Double end bags are an essential piece of training equipment for boxers because they are designed to simulate a moving target and help you improve the accuracy of your punches by sharpening your hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

It also teaches you how to counter swiftly.

These are very important skills for any boxer that is looking to take their game to the next level because you are going to need all these attributes when you step inside the ring. Double End bags are also great for improving your footwork and movement as a result of having to dodge and counter the rapidly moving bag, so you have to keep on your toes.

It can be much harder to train on this type of boxing reflex bag compared to a heavy bag and so you will not usually see beginners using this type of equipment. However, it doesn’t mean that if you are a beginner that you shouldn’t use it.

A double end bag is great for training on and is perfect for cardiovascular fitness. All in all, we consider a double end bag to be a crucial tool for any boxer and fighter and a great bonus for those who want to switch up their exercise regimes.

What are the buying criteria for a Double End Bag?

There are a few different buying criteria that affect the quality of a double end bag. One of these factors is the material of the bag. Most bags are made with either leather or synthetic materials, and usually leather bags are better as they can withstand intense workouts and are less likely to start fraying at the seams. They are also likely to last longer and are more durable. That doesn’t mean you can’t get high-quality synthetic bags though, some of them are great quality too. It is important that the double end bag has great stitching so that the bag stays together. Triple stitching is ideal.

Another important criterion that you should consider is the quality of the bladder. The bladder is the chamber that holds air inside the double bag. A high-quality bladder is one that will not allow the air to easily seep out and will often add cushioning to the bag. This is important because if the double end bag has a poor bladder then your bag will not last that long after sustaining many punches.

You also should consider the quality and type of cord your double end bag has. It is ideal that the cord stays flexible and durable. Depending on the training you want, you should consider how tight or loose you want it to be as this will change how the double end bag reacts every time you punch it, so you must tailor it to your goals.

And lastly, the size of the speed bag is important because the smaller and lighter the bag, the faster it will move. So again, this depends on what you want from your training and you should make sure you choose the right bag to match that.

You must be wondering, what are the best double end bags?

Ringside Leather Boxing Double End Bag

It is to no surprise that our first pick is the Ringside Leather Boxing Double End Bag. Ringside are well-renowned for their quality boxing equipment and they keep the quality high with this product.

To begin with, this double end bag comes in 3 different sizes, which is great because it is tailored for everyone to use and allows you to vary your training. To ensure durability, this product is made from leather and uses top quality triple stitching. The loops on the top and bottom of the bag are used to reinforce the stitching in order to prevent the bag from ripping. If you want to have a long-lasting double end bag then this simply has to be the choice for you.

This product also comes with double-end bag cables so that you can get started right away. However, it is important to note that mounting hardware is not included so you will have to get that separately. Check the price on Amazon now!

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TOCO FREIDO Double End Punching Ball with Boxing Reflex Ball

Next up, we have the Toco Freido double end punching ball with boxing reflex ball. This product comes with a very generous package whilst providing great quality so it had to make our list.

The product is made with high quality material to ensure the durability of the double end bag. It is double stitched and reinforced with triangle seams and the bladder is made with thick rubber in order to avoid leaks. To add to the benefits of using a double end bag, the package also includes a boxing reflex ball which is much lighter and softer than tennis balls and made to improve eye and body coordination as well as agility.

As well as the boxing reflex ball, you will also get a pump, inflatable needles and two ring lockings. What we like most about this product is that all Toco Freido products come with a 100% lifetime guarantee. That means that if anything is wrong with your double end punching ball they will replace it. Check the price on Amazon now!

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Title Infused Foam Double End Bags

Moving on, we have the highly rated Title Infused Foam Double End Bags. This product is one of the best on the market and this can be substantiated by the fantastic Amazon reviews.

This product comes in varied sizes so that it can be used by people with all different kinds of skill set and is great for spicing up the action. The all new lightweight foam core is now more impact resistant which is perfect for those who love a more intense workout. To make sure that the double end bags can last longer and be more durable, the leather shell has triple nylon stitching, fully welted seam and riveted security loops. This is excellent for those who are looking for a product for the long term.

This double end bag package comes with two industrial rubber cables with S-hooks for hanging. However, it does not come with any mounting equipment so you will have to purchase that separately. Check the price on Amazon now!

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Mumian PU Leather Boxing Ball Double End Punching Bag (Cheap / Best Value)

Last but not least, we have the value pick. Despite the relatively cheap price of this package, it includes great pieces of equipment and is undoubtedly the biggest bang for your buck on the market.

The universal speed ball is specifically designed for punching training, ideal for both gym and home use. Using this equipment will help you enhance your agility, accuracy and

reflexes. It is double stitched to ensure that the product is durable and has a sturdy bladder to further fortify the bag.

It is also double strapped at both ends with thick elastic rope to add to the sustainability of the product. The loops in the bungee cord helps you easily mount the product fairly quickly and so you can get started right away. Check the price on Amazon now!

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Overall, we value every double end bag we have recommended and are confident that you will be happy with any of the products if you choose to purchase them.

However, if we have to pick our favourite product that we consider to be the best double end bag on the market then it has to be the Ringside Leather Boxing Double End Bag – it’s the best double end bag for beginners & everyone else. This product is made with the wonderful classic Ringside leather that we have all become so familiar with and has the highest quality stitching to ensure the durability of the product which we simply love.