Knuxx Exclusive Post-Fight Interview With Jeff Sharkey

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Knuxx of Ontario recently spoke with professional MMA fighter Jeff Sharkey. Jeff is coming off a split-decision win over Robert Thomas at The Score Fighting Series event 5. Congratulations to Jeff on his amazing performance! Be sure to check out the interview below. Thank you for the interview.

Congratulations on the win! That was one hell of a fight! I gotta ask, did you ever feel that you were going to be able to finish him? It appears as if you had him hurt on multiple occasions.

“I thought I was going to finish him in the first round and then again in the second. He has an good chin! Very tough dude. I was sure he was going to sleep, but he stayed in there and kept his composure.”

This is your first time in the cage in over 2 years. Was there any ring rust? Did you ever think that it would be like starting over again?

“There was a bit of ring rust for sure(laughs). Although I have been fighting thai boxing in the time away from the cage, it’s not the same feel as an mma fight. I came into this fight very confidant and well prepared. I was expecting a KO to be honest. I knew he is a great fighter, but, I just felt I would land the right punch or kick to get the finish. It didn’t happen though.”

At any point in the fight did you feel gassed? You appeared to slow down slightly in the third round or were you just getting more comfortable inside the cage?

“I felt great in the fight. Near the end of the third I was a bit tired, but I never felt without power or exhausted. I was maybe to comfortable. I could have pushed the pace a bit more near the end because I didn’t want it to go to decision. I felt I was winning, but you never know how the judges are going to see it. I think I could have finished him, had I done a few things differently.”

Were you surprised by the amount of kicks he was throwing early in the fight? We knew he was a Thai  boxer but he was throwing a bunch of wild kicks in the beginning.

“I expected him to throw a lot of kicks. We prepared for that. I train with a ton of great strikers so it’s nothing new to me. My coach, Kru Alin halmagean is an amazing striker himself, so I knew how to handle his kicks.”

Did you win Fight of the Night honors? Because that was by far the most entertaining fight on the card!

“Unfortunately I didn’t win fight of the night. I am glad that it was entertaining though. I don’t want to ever have a boring fight. To me, that’s worse then losing.”

What is next for your fight career? Are you looking to have another fight soon? When can we expect you to get back in to the cage?

“I would love to fight again soon. I love to fight. The Score is a great promotion to fight for. I’m going to rest up this week and talk to my manager and see what’s next.”

How come it has taken so long to get back in to the cage? Were you just busy or was there some injuries?

“I took some time away from mma to work on my weaknesses and learn and grow. I wasn’t injured or anything. I just wanted to return to mma sharper and more prepared. In this sport you have to be more then tough. You have to be smart.”

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

“I would like to thank my coach, Kru Alin Hamlagean, my sponsors Joya, autobahn auto service, house of champions mma, Adrian Wooly, Claude Patrick, Will Romero, Jason Meisel, Josh Hill, Denis Puric, Shane Cambell, Mukai, all my training and sparing partners. All my friends and family that support me. And my gf Maria Bastasin. Thank you for your time.”