Knuxx Post Fire & Ice Interview With Tony Valdez

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Posted by Mika Frankl

On Friday December 7, 2012 Tony Valdez and Raymond Montes squared off for the second time in 2012. The first bout was a draw and in the second bout Tony Valdez won by a 7th round TKO. In the locker room I had a chance to talk with Tony Valdez about the war he went through to claim victory.

 How did the fight go from your perspective?

You know it was a good fight. I had a little late start getting warmed up so I started to warm up in those later rounds. There were some rounds in there were I’m pretty sure everybody doubted me, but there isn’t any quite in me. That’s why they call me the warrior. As the fight more into the later rounds I started getting warmed up, my corner told me what to do. Advice form Pat and Fidel little tips of them telling me what to do. I went in and did what they said and it worked out hard work paid off. I did this training camp, Thank you to Clarence Garcia conditioning, Pat Holmes for pushing me, Brandon Holmes and Angelo Leo for sparring, Brandon gave me great sparring putting the weight on me, the movement and the speed. It all paid off.

If you had to point to one thing that was the difference in this fight from the first fight, what was it?

Conditioning, I mean in the first fight I was coming off a 7 year layoff. It no excuse, it’s just I was more loose, that time I didn’t know what to expect this time I knew what to expect. He came and he tried to bulldog me, you better come with come kahunas to do that, because there ain’t no quite in me.

With the high level of trash talk that there was this week how good does it feel to just put this behind you now?

It’s good. With all the trash talk I never let that get to my head like I said, I never think of victory or defeat I just let nature take course. Like I said for the last interview I did for my training camp I did my homework and tonight was just turning it in.

We’re close to the end of the year what does 2013 hold for the Warrior?

I don’t know I haven’t thought that far ahead, I’ll leave that up to my manager but he has some stuff in mind. Right now I really can’t say, I don’t know it’s really up to him if he says we go we go if he says we stay we stay. Whatever he says goes and will go from there.

Any last comments on the night?

Hopefully you know what “Hollewood” I hope you get better bro and it was a good fight man and well I’m number 1 now.

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