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Posted By Lance Foreman

There are lots of young fighters in Vegas these days. They have a dream of being a pro fighter, maybe a UFC Champion. Some follow the dream and move to Vegas, find a gym, start training – it’s what we like to call Living The Dream –  problem is this is only the beginning. Getting fight ready, getting fights and supporting that dream is where the real trials begin. It’s commendable that a young athlete would give up everything he knows to come to Las Vegas and pursue The Dream – some consider themselves half way there just doing that. The sooner they realize that they are just at the base of the Mountain – the better suited they will be to get to work. Dreams have a way of weeding out the less committed and the less focused. The prize will only be awarded to the man that will stand through every trial and tribulation the world will throw at them. Money problems will come and will come hard, a fighter will have to sacrifice many pleasures and even needs, sharing apartments, eating peanut butter sandwiches, going from crappy job to crappy job, many ass whippings in the gym, sore and tired and wondering what the hell they’re doing in Vegas trying to be a fighter.  People telling you to go back home – maybe missing the comforts of mom’s cooking.  Being a pro fighter is not for the faint of heart and being a successful fighter will take every ounce of faith and focus you can muster – everyday – day in and day out. I hear fans say, “fighter so and so made a half million dollars for a 5 round fight, I would fight anybody for a half of million dollars.”  What they dont see is what it took for that man to be worth a half a million dollars to fight in the first place. Trainers, managers and promoters are not stupid – they know full well what it takes to make it in the fight world and they know if you are focused, committed, and sacrificing all.  The fight game is a tough business and we are in a hurt sport – all the money and glory in the world will never change that.  It’s all some of us are good at – for others it might be a good idea to pack up and go home. It takes a special breed to stay in the business for the long haul and I would dare to say most in the fight game are set apart and are great people. So anybody who wants to join this faternity – be prepared to have laser like focus, be committed to no return and learn to give, not take – body, mind and spirit-  for its what we give into MMA that brings the return.  And be ready to hang on like a Bulldog –  its going to be a very ruff ride!