Nohime Dennisson by Trula Howe – Women of Combat Sports Series

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Nohime Dennisson is one “Mean Girl”!  That’s what MEAN1 MMA & Fitness calls its ladies, and Dennisson not only trains there (as well as at Jackson/Winkeljohn MMA), she is also the kickboxing aerobics instructor.

Kickboxing aerobics is a fast-paced, technique-driven, constantly moving form of cardiovascular fitness training. In fact, kickboxing aerobics is how she first became involved with combat sports.  Eight years ago, she decided to take the class with the notable Mike Winkeljohn, alongside her friend and teammate, Holly Holm. She began with no intentions of fighting, however, a year later, when Winkeljohn told her she had a fight coming up, she threw herself into it, and went on to win her first kickboxing match.

Since then, she has had ten amateur kickboxing matches, but in 2009, she decided to go professional, as a boxer, again like her teammate Holm.  She currently has a record of 4-1-1 as a professional boxer, but when she saw that she wasn’t getting as many fights as she’d like, in the world of boxing, she decided to try her hand at MMA.    She took her first MMA fight with just one week’s notice and no training in ground fighting, back in June of this year, at Undisputed MMA in Amarillo, TX.  Although her stand up is dangerous, the lack of ground game cost her, and she lostby arm bar in the 1st round.

Since that time, she has been training harder than ever, with “the best possible team I could have”, in Coach Chris Luttrell (Jackson’s/ Mean1) and all of the Jackson’s and Mean 1 fighters, both women and men.  Dennisson observed that New Mexico is probably the best place in the world for a woman (or anyone for that matter) to train and fight, due to the popularity of combat sports in the state of New Mexico, and the caliber of athletes with whom she trains, “world class!”

Dennisson is scheduled to fight her next MMA bout at Cherokee Street’s “United: MMA Bash” against Lynae Lovato, of Lovato Total Fitness, who is making her professional debut.  Due to her strenuous training alongside female fighters like Julie Kedzie, Michelle Waterson, Heather Clark and Holly Holm, just to name a few, Dennisson says “I definitely feel ready for this fight! I feel like I have striking advantage, but I’m prepared if she tries to take it to the ground.”  After this fight, she plans to continue training and fighting for both boxing and MMA, hoping to fight on the same card as her teammate Holly Holm on Fresquez Productions’ boxingevent this December 2, 2011.

In addition to training and teaching, Dennisson is also wife to Tim Dennisson (who also recently made his professional MMA debut), part-time mother-figure for her nephew (acting as guardian 4 days a week), and part-time help at La Placita Dining room, where she acts as server, manager or cook, as needed. Her hobbies include shopping (“What girl doesn’t like to shop?”), knitting(“during the winter”) playing the violin, and, most of all, cooking, which she does at least 5 times a week.

Be sure to check her out at United: MMA Bash, this September 24, 2011 at UNM Johnson’s Gym at 6:00 p.m.   For more information on this fight, see website For more information on Mean1, see their website or Jackson’s