The 4 Best Speed Bags for Home Use

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A speed bag is a specialized and unique type of punching bag that offers many benefits to those who use them. If you are looking for an impressive cardiovascular workout or trying to hone your coordination skills that will help you in the ring then this type of punching bag is for you.

We have put together this article to give you all the information needed to make an informed decision on which are the best speed bags for home use and what factors you should consider. We even spend a little time helping you find the best speed bag for beginners out of this selection.

Who needs a Speed Bag?

A speed bag is arguably the most specialized punching bag out there. It is mainly used by those who have taken their boxing and fighting to the next level and consider it to be more than just a hobby.

Anyone who wants to optimize all areas of their training and reach their full potential should seriously consider using a speed bag. That doesn’t mean that if you aren’t a professional fighter or taking boxing seriously that you shouldn’t or can’t use a speed bag.

If you want to mix up your training and general exercise regimen then a speed bag can certainly be a more exhilarating form of work out.

Speed Bags are an essential piece of training equipment for boxers because they are designed to improve hand-speed, reaction time and hand-eye coordination, vital skills needed for successful fighters.

They are also great for boosting endurance, stamina and agility which are also key skills needed. As well as this, speed bags are great for the upper body as constantly punching the bag builds muscle. For example, over time, you should notice an increase in muscle mass in your shoulders and arms, in addition to honing your reflexes.

This is vital because your fast-twitch muscles get used to exercises that involve speed and explosiveness and short-reaction time, something that will help you slip your opponent’s punches when you are inside the ring.

Although a speed bag is usually used by those who are avid boxers and fighters, it shouldn’t be underestimated how useful of a tool it can be for those who are simply looking to stay in shape. Using a speed bag is enjoyable for most and is a great way to get your cardiovascular training out the way as well as working out your upper body. All in all, we consider a speed bag to be a vital piece of equipment for boxers and a great extra for those who love to spice up their exercise regimens.

What are the buying criteria for a Speed Bag?

There are several different criteria and factors that you should consider when selecting a speed bag. One of the most important factors to consider is the size of the speed bag as the different sizes and weight affects how you will train with the bag.

Size Matters

Most speed bags are advertised in small, medium, and large, but you should always be able to find the exact dimensions. Typically a small speed bag is 5×8 inches, a medium speed bag is 6×9 inches, and a large speed bag is 7×10 inches; however, it’s definitely worth double-checking because there may be subtle differences across brands.

The size of a speed bag will also affect its performance. Small bags tend to be faster than large bags, so it’s often recommended that beginners start out on a large bag until they develop the speed, rhythm, and hand-eye coordination to utilize a smaller, faster bag. Again, this isn’t set in stone, as the construction, level of inflation, and overall quality can affect this as well.

For example, using a bigger and heavier type of speed bag is more suited for those who plan to hit the bag harder and is better for strength training as it offers more resistance. It is also more beneficial for those who are newer to boxing and still learning the fundamentals of throwing accurate punches. (Source)

However, it does come with its drawbacks as it does slow down the movement of the bag which limits the potential of increasing your punching speed.

On the other hand, using a smaller and lighter speed bag is more useful and suited for those who have more experience and boxing skill as the bag moves a look quicker and faster after being hit.

This allows you to concentrate your training and extract the benefits of using a speed bag such as improved hand-eye coordination skills and faster punches. However, it also comes with its disadvantages.

Using a lighter and smaller speed bag means you will not really be able to hit more power punches as the bag offers little to no resistance. Choosing the right speed bag for you depends on how you plan to use it and your level of skill and experience.

Construction & Materials

Most speed bags are made of some type of leather. Synthetic leather generally performs pretty well, and it’s lighter and usually cheaper to use int he manufacturing process. However, it doesn’t have the durability of authentic leather. Moreover, there isn’t much of a difference between the two in terms of performance (most people find the genuine leather a little better), so the decision pretty much comes down to what you require for durability and how much you’re willing to spend.

There are other aspects of the construction that most companies like to point out, but keep in mind many of these features have become standard on any decent speed bag. These include, but are not limited to: “Triple re-inforced seams”, “balanced design”, “welted seams”, etc. In general, these are all good things to find in a speed bag, but they aren’t that unique anymore.

Additional Considerations for the Best Speed Bags

Often times when reading reviews it is common to read that a particular bag “isn’t well balanced” or “doesn’t rebound in a true fashion”. One of the things that make reviewing speed bags a little more difficult is that oftentimes these issues aren’t only related to the bag itself, but the swivel it hangs on also plays a major role. If you have a crummy swivel than it will be tough to get the most out of any bag. Check out our reviews on different speed bag swivels for more information.

When budgeting for your bag, consider that you may need (or eventually need) extra bladders or a pump, especially if it’s a bag that constantly loses air. I know a couple of guys that have had success with standard patch kits that they’ve had laying around the garage, so it’s not always necessary, but just something to keep in mind.

Other factors to consider when purchasing a speed bag is the price of the bag so that it fits your budget and the quality of the material. It is also important to get the best swivel and platform for your speed bag, but we will touch more on them in another article.

We won’t keep you waiting anymore, so here are the best speed bags.

Meister SpeedKills Leather Speed Bag w/Lightweight Latex Bladder

It is to no surprise that our first pick must be this Meister SpeedKills Leather Speed Bag as it is one of, if not, the best on the market. This product is available in different sizes, from small, to medium and large.

The material used to make this speed bag is genuine full-grain cowhide leather which is built to last and sustain repetitive punches. Its lightweight inner latex bladder allows the bag to rebound quickly after being hit which provides faster performance and allows you to gain the full benefits of using a speed bag. This product has a simple premium design and is a great addition to any gym – both fighting gyms and commercial fitness gyms.

What we like most about this bag is that it is balanced and centered for predictable and consistent rebounds.

All in all, we highly recommend this speed bag as we believe it is one of the best on the market for those who are experienced boxers and more skilled than the average person. Check price on Amazon.

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HUNTER Speed Ball Boxing Cow Hide Leather MMA Speed Bag

The next product we have chosen is the Hunter Speed Ball Boxing MMA speed bag. This bag is also made with genuine cowhide leather and is lined inside with 4 layers of poly-cotton material in order to last.

If you want a lightning-fast speed bag, then this is the choice for you. This is one of the top speed bags on the market due to the speed ball lightweight design that makes the punching rebounds incredibly fast. To add to the durability of the product, the bag has a double-lined hanging strap to discourage it from splitting. This is great for taking repeated hits.

What we like most about this speed bag is the customer service offered by Hunter. If you have any problems with the speed bag, they will sort it out for you very quickly and this can be substantiated by the positive reviews on Amazon. With all things considered, we believe this is one of the best speed bags out there. Check the price of the Hunter speed ball bag on Amazon.

*Quick note: don’t forget to check out our articles on swivels and platforms to go with your awesome speed bag!

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TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags

Next up, we have the coveted Title Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag. This product is perfect for those who are looking to practice their uppercuts and train on a speed bag that is excellently designed for the user to gain all the benefits of using such a product.

This speed bag comes in different shapes and sizes so depending on your skill level and what you hope to gain from using this product, will decide which size you choose to purchase. The material used to make this product is a soft leather which is great for punching as it mimics the flesh of a human being whilst also preventing hand injuries.

If you would like to increase your punching speed, boost your reflexes and agility then this bag is a commendable choice. This speed bag has a butyl pro bladder with special internal balancing for maximum results.

We definitely recommend this top speed bag for those who are looking to optimize their fighting and boxing abilities. Check the price of this Title Speedbag on Amazon.

Title Boxing Gyro Balanced Leather Speed Bag, Black, 4" x 7"
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Everlast Speed Bag 10X7 (Cheap / Best Value)

Finally, we have the value pick, the Everlast Speed Bag. We consider this product to be the best bang for your buck. We also think this Everlast punching bag is the best speed bag for beginners.

This reputable speed bag is great for beginners who haven’t yet fully developed their boxing skills and are focusing on other areas just as much as punching speed such as punching accuracy. This bag is relatively easy to set up as all you have to do is pump air into the bag and you can use it right away.

The material used is a strong leather and the seams are double stitched in order to increase the durability of the product. This is great for repeated use and a perfect piece of equipment to add some fun to an exercise regimen.

We really like this product and for the relatively cheap price, we believe it is a big bargain. Therefore, we consider this product to be the best speed bag for the price. Check the price on Amazon.

We reviewed the 10″ X 7″ speed bag, but Everlast does make a 9X6 version as well. We’ve heard it’s a bit faster because of the smaller size but would be a great addition to your workout area as well. (Check out the Everlast 9X6 Speed Bag on Amazon)

Everlast Leather Speed Bag (EA)
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Overall, we love all the speed bags we have recommended and you can’t go wrong with any of them. However, our absolute first pick has to be the Meister SpeedKills speed bag. You simply cannot ignore the premium design and special inner latex bladder that allows for super-fast rebounding.

If you do choose to purchase a speed bag then consider our articles on swivels and platforms in order to get the most out of your speed bag.

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