Knuxx Interview With Victoria Cisneros

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Posted by Mika Frankl

The Knuxx team recently made a visit to Atrisco Boxing to talk with Victoria Cisneros about her upcoming fights at the Saturday Night Fights at the Kiva on October 27, 2012 and at Fire and Ice at Route 66 Casino on December 7, 2012.

First off how are you feeling and how is camp going ?

It’s going good I feel like I’m ready right now because we were supposed to get ready for a fight in New York in August, so that fight fell off and it was weird we had prepared for four months for a fight with Chevelle Hallback, it was a title match fight and were supposed to fight that. We flew all the way out there and the fight fell through. I’ve been training, I’ve been in the gym since because you never know in my world they can call us at the last minute, you just have to show up. It’s not like I don’t train every day, I train every day in the game this is my sport and I love boxing so I have to be prepared for whatever.

So with that, how do you feel you have progressed over that time period having the training camps getting ready, having that fall through so you’ve had that time to build up and now also getting more time to build up before the fights how have you progressed?

I feel I’ve progressed a lot due to the fact that you learn, you learn every day in boxing. It’s not a game to take lightly, you learn as you go and you try different things. Right now I’m ready; if the fight was tomorrow I’m ready.

Two fights- let’s start off with the first one, Saturday night October 27th at the Convention Center, DJ Morrison, what do you think of her and what are your thoughts on that fight?

I’m gonna tell you, I’m not going to say she’s nobody because a lot of people take advantage of their opponents and look what happens like a lot of opponents think it’s nothing they go in there thinking they have it and then they lose. Right now I’m looking at her number 1. I don’t care, she wants to fight me where going to go for war that’s how I am. I know how she is, she fought tough fighters she’s lost to all of them. She has a lot of losses, but she’s a warrior you know she does what she has to do. So right now my fight plan is to go all at her, do what I’ve always done and train hard.

Two fights in such a short time frame, does that change your game plan or fight style for the first one knowing that there’s the second one coming up or do you fight the same way every time no matter what when it’s a fight?

Well I don’t fight the same way, I have different styles if anybody looks at my tapes I love to fight I’m an aggressive fighter but then in a way I can handle the punches, I do everything well do to the fact that I’ve fought the best of the best, you have to learn how to do different things you can’t just do one thing and stick at it because then they catch on to you and from there you go down. What I do is adjust to my opponents. We train in the gym and do different things every day, so it’s not like we train and do the same thing over and over. Every day is a new day, every day is a new fight basically we spar we spar a lot of different people; we go to the club fighting on Rio Bravo with Pat’s gym. There’s nothing but amateurs, but the amateurs are fresh there out there to bang.

Do the amateurs help out more because it’s that lack of fear, possibly they don’t know better?

No. To tell you the truth I think amateurs are better due to the fact that they have a fire in them they don’t care who, what, whatever your life’s experiences is for them they just throw down so that’s why I like fighting a lot of amateurs because they need experience in that say way that speed goes boom boom you know they can’t keep you off and you do what you have to do.

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