We’ve Got Your Ticket – Letter from the Publisher – KNUXX 2-5

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I have commented in a few of my articles that I don’t watch TV very often (and for those of you that follow me on Facebook you know that I usually watch movies on fast forward, pausing occasionally to get some dialogue or action – but that’s a totally different article for another issue).  Some people have asked me why I don’t like TV.  On the contrary, I LOVE TV, in fact I have a hard time walking past it even when my kids are watching the Disney Channel.  I think I’m addicted to it – that’s why I avoid it.  I have to stay away from it so I can actually get stuff done.

However, the other night I was “killing time” and I ended up on YouTube – we all know what usually happens then – time warp and I “woke up” 4 hours later!  Okay, to the point…  I stumbled upon a set of videos that showed cops fighting with various criminals.  A few of videos had titles like: ‘MMA fighter fights cops’, ‘Criminal fights with Golden Gloves cop’ and ‘Don’t RNC me bro!’ (okay, I made up that last one but there’s probably a video on YouTube associated with it).  Basically most of them showed some stupid criminals trying to fight with the officers who were trying to subdue them – and it usually didn’t end well for the bad guys.  One guy got knocked out cold, another guy ended up in a guillotine and there was even a head kick. I couldn’t help thinking about some of the well-trained officers we have fighting in NM – boxers, grapplers, and MMA practitioners.  These are guys who train to fight just in case they have to literally fight for their lives when they give a ticket or pull someone over – so this month we put them in the spotlight in our second installment of the Fighters in Combat series – COPS.

This past month we were also lucky to have tickets to a great day of activities with Grapplefest and the Gold Rush event all happening on the 28th.  We would like to thank Golden Girl Promotions for giving us some tickets to give away in multiple competitions.  If you didn’t hear about the 6 sets of tickets we gave away then you need to make sure and follow us on Facebook (KNUXXNM) and Twitter (@KNUXXNM) for the next time we have free stuff to give away – like free pizza, shirts and various other prizes.  Also, for this month our “Ask a Fighter” section is only found online.  Hector Munoz was asked a question from a local fan and we have an exclusive VIDEO response posted online.  So go now and like our page and follow us – we’ve got your ticket for local combat sports and training events!

I hope you enjoy this issue.