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Posted By Lance Foreman

Anderson Silva looked awesome vs Bonner.  He does things no other fighter in MMA has ever done before.  Most fighters want to be like Anderson or at least accomplish what he has accomplished.  The Brazilian fighters do very well in MMA and quite a bit of it is their level of commitment.   I see young fighters daily- they come to Vegas and want fame and fortune.   I give them props for chasing their dreams, but chasing the dream means work, training and more training – training  comes before fighting.   To be successful – a young athlete must make a commitment in all levels of a fighting career from: training, dieting,reading, conditioning, meeting people, shaking hands, going to events and learning everything there is to know about the fight game in and out of the cage.  Making it to the gym 5 days a week and going for a run does very little in getting to the big show.  A fighter must become an assest to his gym, trainers, managers and the sport itself.  In short you must want to be a fighter as much as you want to breathe.  Thats why so few really ever make it to the top or even make a decent living in MMA.  Fighters must be branded – they must take their personality and appeal to fans and promotors and develop themselves into a marketable athlete and do all this while forcing their body to the pro level of a fighter.  It takes everything of body, mind and spirit that a fighter can muster and the fighter must constantly get better, stronger, more flexible, they must take whatever God given abilities they have and use them with everything they got.  Pro fighting does not suffer fools long or laziness or not a fully committed athlete.  Talent alone will not go near as far as committment alone.  Vegas offers everything and more that a fighter needs to be successful, but the goal must come before everything (besides family and integrity).  Athletes have a very small window to do this – it’s just the cold hard facts of this sport and business.  Not everybody makes it, but if a fighter will give everything he has no matter what – he will get where he is supposed to be – whether that’s in the UFC or another profession once the window closes.  If this is not the goal and the mind set – success is very unlikely and it’s not good for the gyms, the trainers and any others in the MMA world.