At The Pool With Momma D’s Dungeon Drowning

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Posted by Mika Frankl

On Wednesday January 9, 2013 Knuxx writer Mika Frankl was granted special access to attend a Momma D’s Dungeon Drowning at Highland swimming pool.

What is a Dungeon Drowning? A Dungeon Drowning is swimming many laps with weights, fins, dumbells, and other objects.  The swimming is done to expanded the lungs and push yourself in a less physically punishing manner compared to the normal training day for any combat sports athlete.

In this age of combat sports with science, nutrition, and training all being pushed to the next Momma D feels that with her methods and basis of never doing the same thing twice to keep surprising the body will help takes these fighters to the next level.

Fighters such as Hunter Tucker, Clay “The Carpenter” Guida, Nick Gonzales, and Archie Ray Marquez all believe in these methods and Momma D’s passion.

View the Dungeon Drowning for yourself below…

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