Formulated Thoughts by Daniel Rocha

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So I have just finished watching Kai Greene’s 2nd Video “Redemption.” A video that is a must see for not just the bodybuilder but for every person chasing a dream. To become a champion you first must conquer your mind, developing and formulating every thought to stay focused on the goal at hand.

But how is that possible? How can one be consistently focus on the goal. What about responsibilities, our job, our families, our kids, oh my the list keeps getting longer and longer. But really the dream is simple.  Every step, every choice is a step towards or away from the goal.  In the moment we must learn to collect our thoughts and know that what we do now does affect where we are going to be tomorrow.

In the video… a young student apologizes to Kai for having BBQ sauce in front of him. Kai’s response “ Think about this… Are you a Pro?”  Although he says he didn’t mean to be arrogant, the real meaning was he is a Pro because he overcame the simple temptations that would hinder his progress.  That his focus on his diet, his training, his lifestyle was all focused around one thing… to become an IFBB PRO.

How profound a concept.  To set yourself up for success, in every aspect.  Kai did all he could to make sure his dream came true.  He was destitute, came from poverty, being uneducated, and thru the foster care system.  That alone would hold anyone down.  But he did one thing …. Made the choice to be better!

From there he fell in love with bodybuilding.  That love gave him focus, gave him drive.  Thus supported a dream to overcome his situation and be prominent in this world.  You don’t have to be a fan of bodybuilding or understand what an athlete goes thru to be the best in his sport.  Instead relate the concepts, the education of formulated thought to achieve your own success, whatever it truly is.

The only adversary you will ever have in life is yourself. Yet realize that your ultimate strength comes from within you.

Till next time…