From Fat to P.H.A.T. by Daniel Rocha

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As the weather warms up, the clothes get shorter and much less.  But are we ready to put on that pair of shorts, or that tank top, and walk with confidence about our wonderfulAlbuquerquestreets?  Each year, I get so many “quick fix” questions about how we can at least look good on our vacations or strolling around on summer nights.  So let me go over briefly what we all can do that will not only help transform your physique but also boost your confidence.


Training:  Change up your training by adding super sets and increase reps by 2-5.  Decrease your rest time by doing a set of abdominals between sets and exercises.  A tight core is not only sexy but beneficial to your posture and symmetry.


Cardio:  Stop being lazy and do some.  Now I am not a big believer in hours of cardio.  Hey, I believe if you have time for 2 hours on the treadmill, then you’re neglecting something or someone else in your life, maybe even yourself.  Your best time to do cardio is upon waking for 20-30 min.  If timing is difficult, then you can do 25 minutes post training.


Diet:  There are so many diets and diet changes that one can do.  I recommend staying away from drastic changes.  Many will go directly to low carbs or low calories.  As much as the initial change will occur, you are sacrificing hard earned muscles and a pleasant personality that many love you for.  Instead change slowly, stop eating out, eat more fruits between meals if hungry, drink more water and eat at evenly spaced times.  STOP SNACKING even if they are “Healthy Snacks!”


Supplements:  OMG, here is where many want me to say that company “so-n-so” is the best.  Well I am fortunate to be sponsored by MRI and so I have access to many supplements.  But what about you and how did I do it before I became someone in this industry?


Coffee:  I recommend a cup first thing upon waking, wait 15 min then do your morning cardio.  Caffeine boosts your ability to train; it increases metabolic rate, and is a healthy diuretic.


Green Tea: I usually have my clients drink 10 oz of green tea with 2 meals.  The active compound in green tea is EGCG which blocks an enzyme that breaks down norepinephrine allowing greater epinephrine release stimulating fat burning.  Hey the energy is great also.


Whey Hydrolysate:  Yes I ask my clients to switch once more from whey isolate to hydrolysate.  The protein has again been broken down into smaller protein molecules and peptides making them easier and quicker to digest.  Reread “Whey to Go” in last months issue for more info.  Use post-training and to increase glycogen stores, mix with Gatorade.


Smile More:  Is this a joke??? NO, science has proven that increased laughter and smiling has a positive effect on the body and its hormonal responses.  I always ask my clients to stop watching the news, watch more “Seinfeld” or more comedy movies, increase your Sexercise with your willing partner or spouse, as the decrease in cortisone will provide a greater fat burning environment, not to mention make you “Smile More”… just sayin!!!


The best you is in the making….

Daniel Rocha is an athlete, personal trainer, body builder, coach and owner of RocBodyFitness / RocBodyAngels.  He is also an NPC National Athlete.  For more information please visit his website at or read his blog for more articles and commentary- Roc Body Programs