Hand Wraps – What’s The Big Deal?

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About 14 years ago I was a young trainer at Gleasons gym in Brooklyn, New York. At this time the gym was world class, it had many pass, present, and future world champions working out of there day in and day out. I was blessed being there at the right time I learned many things about the sweet science that’s being lost these days. One essential skill all trainers must possess is the ability to wrap hands. I learned the skill when one of the veteran coaches insulted me.

He had 2 current world champions at the time and was in his early 60’s. There was a unspoken respect given to old school trainers who been there and done that. So I shut my ego down and listened, he said (thick panama accent ) “Mikey, I don’t know how you fighter hand no break.” Then he smirked and added you wrap like f*&^ing Stevie Wonder. From that day I knew I had to step my game up. So when the gym was empty and not busy I knocked on the veteran trainer office door and asked what’s the big deal with wrapping hands? He never told me a answer but he started asking me questions. This is the way these old school coaches passed the craft.

Here are some of the things he asked me:
What is the difference between amateur wrap and a pro one ?
How much gauze and tape you supposed to use ?
How do you check for hand injures?
What is a boxer’s break?
Do you watch other coaches wrap and practice what you saw ?
I did not have a answer for these questions at the time. He laughed and said, when you have the answers come back and tell me but for now get the F$%k out of my office and don’t slam the door.


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