Knuxx Pre Fight Interview With Jackson MMA Series 10 Competitor Mike Justus

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Prior to the weigh-in at the Albuquerque Hotel we talk with Mike Justus about his upcoming bout with Manuel Cespedes.

How you feeling it’s almost weigh-in time?

Pretty good, hungry and ready to fight.

What do you know about Manuel?

I know he has good boxing, good ground game he prepares for everything.

Without giving away your game plan, what should we expect to see tomorrow?

Go in there throw strikes, attempt submissions and all that good stuff.

If the fight ended in your ideal way, what would that be?

I like knocking people out and I’ve done that a few times, but I’ll take whatever he gives me.

Fighting in the Jackson’s MMA Series a member of the Jackson’s/Winkeljohns gym, how much of a special moment is it fighting here in town?

It’s great I fought Muay Thai for about 10 years and it’s good now my grandparents are here and my whole family is nearby. It’s good for the whole team.

Hungry before the weigh-ins where you going after this to eat?

I go home to eat. I made my own meal.

Mike would like to thank everybody in his camp for being there, and getting me ready for what I need to do.

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