Knuxx Pre Johnny Tapia Present The next Chapter 3 Interview With Hector Munoz by Caged Minds

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Just days before Hector “El Huracan” Munoz will headline  Johnny Tapia Present The Next Chapter 3 against Bernardo Guereca, “El Huracan” took the time to talk with us about the upcoming war.

MF: In your home town headlining a card, how does that feel?

HM: Yeah, it’s great. It actually puts more pressure when I’m fighting in my home town. I like to fight out of town. Regardless if it’s on TV I get more pressure put on me when I fight here. But, I’m ready for whatever.

MF: Now you said there was a late change in your opponent, Bernardo taking this fight on short notice. What happened there?

HM: I was going to fight at a lower weight class at 140 lbs. but they couldn’t get the guy. Guereca was saying something on a website he wanted to fight me, Josh Torres, or Joaquin Zamora again; and he got his wish. I told Eva to call Guereca. He accepted and he wants to fight.

This is just the beginning to check out the entire interview play the video below…

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