Knuxx Talks With Eric Martinez & Hector Munoz About, I Got Your Back Anti-Bully Campaign

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Posted by Mika Frankl

After the Johnny Tapia Present the Next Chapter 3 press conference we talked with Eric Martinez and Hector Munoz about the “I Got Your Back” the nationwide anti bullying campaign.

MF:Can you guy tell us about “I Got Your Back:”?

EM: “I Got Your Back” is an anti-bullying campaign that I started this past year as a precursor to all the stuff I’m already doing all over the country for bullying. I’m a celebrity ambassador for several anti-bullying campaigns. I wanted something that I could start organically here from New Mexico. Obviously because I work with Hector, Hector was one of the first people I wanted to bring on. Here’s the thing you bring people on hoping they there going to help and support what you do. Hector has been with us 100%. Anything I ask Hector to do for bullying he’s there.

To hear the entire interview play the video below..

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