Street Fighting Self-Defense

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Up on Juan Tabo and Indian School there is a martial art school that differs from the normal, Kung Fu San Soo.  An art form not as well-known as others but it is an art that owner/teacher Ish Calleros truly believes in and believes is a true life changing self-defense,that can save your life in real world situations. If you are out to try a martial art, there are many different styles, forms and questions to ask yourself when looking for where to go to learn.  You can kind of break down what your looking to learn in three ways: are you looking to learn to compete, are you looking for the traditional art form, or are you looking to be able to defend yourself because of the times we live in and therefore its best to be ready for any situation that could arise and save yourself from becoming a 5 o’clock news story. If you are the person interested in the last two, Kung Fu San Soo could be what you are looking for.

Ish Calleros tried other martial arts but really found that his teacher and the teachings of Kung Fu San Soo to make the most sense for him. Ish has had experience in all three areas of martial arts from traditional belts process with form, to competing, and in real world experience as a former bouncer. After learning for some time, Ish started to teach classes in his home town of El Paso, TX.  Not long after Ish really found his true calling in life – teaching. After life saw Ish move to Albuquerque, NM, closer to his brothers, fate would set up the possibility for Ish to open his own school as an affiliate of the school he came from in Texas. Ish is a 4th degree Black Belt working to become a master of Kung Fu San Soo.

Kung Fu San Soo is different from other martial arts by in itself being a mixed martial art incorporating grappling, using throws, bone breaking submissions, and striking with kicks and punches. Plus there is the art of the motion using balance and also keeping calm within yourself using breathing in addition to practicing the repetitive movements called katas.  All combined raise your confidence in yourself that no matter what situation may arise, for example  being held up at a ATM; Kung Fu San Soo can give you the knowledge of how to handle yourself in that type of dangerous ordeal .

Kung Fu San Soo offers classes for kids Monday -Friday 6:25pm- 7:15pm, & adult classes Monday- Friday   7:30pm- 8:30pm with a Saturday class for adults from 12:00pm-1:00pm. Also giving back to the community, Ish offers women’s self-defense free seminars every 6-8 weeks call 505-382-2366 for more details.

-Mika Frankl