Caged Minds Interview With Willie Parks

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Posted by Mika Frankl

The last time Willie Parks was in the news it was not for a fight but because of a police report. That was back in August and now Willie Parks and his families are looking forward to the future. Willie will be returning to the cage as a member of Lovato Total Fitness at Bellator 92 against Keith Berry.

MF: The incident as you called it occurred in August and has affected your career, with that could you also talk about transitioning gyms in that time from Jackson’s to Lovato total Fitness?

WP: It was a decent transition. I would say it was smooth. I have nothing bad to say about Jackson’s that was a great place when I was there, just as this place where I’m at now. I have no curries about what gym I’m at as long as it feels like a home and Lenny Lovato’s gym is like a here. It’s a family gym; I have three kids at the house that can come in at any time. It’s more of a personable gym. Like they say God works in mysterious ways and I figured out this is the place that my family can come in too. My wife can come in to and she gets her workouts in also, while I can train with Lenny which is a wrestling background and the same background I possess. My dream is to actually become a high school wrestling coach so it’s a good dynamic. I can see Coach Lenny coaching wrestling and coaching the kids. I can also transition into that.

This is just a small part to the interview, see and hear the interview in its entirety below..

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