Damage Control Mouthguards – home of the “Zia Mouthguard”

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Damage Control Mouthguards

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Locally owned and operated by Delano Romero and Dr. Vesna Delic for almost 3 years, Damage Control Mouthguards are custom fitted mouthguards-dentist prescribed EVA material designed to absorb impacts and cushion blows. Damage Control Mouthguards are designed for specific impacts by taking an impression of the teeth, then forming a model and using a heat/high pressure machine to form the mold of the teeth. Thickness is determined by the type of impacts a various sport demands – and you have it –a Damage Control Mouthguard. Protects not only teeth, but also the jaw as well by lowering the risk of concussion. Prices start $119 and go up to $195 – call for an appointment.