Interview With Josh “Pitbull” Torres

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Posted by Mika Frankl

On Thursday August 9th we at Knuxx attended an open media work-out at the Team Tapia gym here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Josh “Pitbull” Torres was kind enough to take the time out of his busy schedule to give us an interview. Torres is coming off of a split decision win against Joe Gomez at Chavez Promotion’s Warehouse Rumble II. Torres has a record of (8-2-1,1nc)

Question: How did you feel about your performance in that last fight?

Answer: “I felt I could have fought a little bit better, but I’m not going to rag on myself a victory is a victory so, I’m satisfied with the win.”

Question: So when your both standing their and there reading off the score card an it goes to a split decision. From what you recall, your perspective did you feel it was a split decision, was it that close?

Answer: “I didn’t feel it was that close at all. I was actually kind of surprised, thought I had done more then enough to win four if not five of the rounds. I know I gave up the third round, the forth was up for grabs. The first, second, fifth, and sixth I thought were mine.”

Question: When did you first start boxing, walking into the gym?

Answer: “Man this was back when I was fourteen years old my buddy Vince Miraball, we went to school together he’s actually a boxer too, at the time his dad had a amateur club down at the San Jose community center. I was always fighting in school. I always liked to fight. I was beating people up getting in trouble, Vince kept telling me ‘hey go to the gym man.’ My dad had a boxing. And yeah, yeah I kept blowing him off. One day I finally went, showed up and was one of those boxers who never left.

Question:How long after that did you take your first amateur bout?

Answer:Um let’s see, It wasn’t very long I had trained for maybe a month or so and we went out to Mexico and fought out their.

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Check out the full interview below…

We were also able to capture two Knuxx sponsored fighters sparring together, Josh “Pitbull” Torres and “Hurricane” Hector Munoz.

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