Keron ‘SKINNER’ Davies

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KNUXX SA: What started your MMA journey and where has it taken you?

KERON: Me and my best friend Chaz Dabbadie always went to tournaments to watch and we were always in fights at night clubs etc… And we were always getting into a lot of trouble. A few court cases later we decided to try MMA and fight where you can’t get in trouble. We joined Donavin Hawkey on the bluff. Since then, I found my purpose in life, collecting three amateur titles and being presented with a great opportunity to experience an international fight. I had a brilliant training camp and came away with a ridiculous first round victory by way of rear naked choke. My current record of 11-3-1 is nothing but a representation of hours of hard work and dedication.

KNUXX SA: In your opinion what does it take to be a top level MMA athlete?

KERON: Hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, even tears, great coaches, committed team mates and a great deal of support, but despite all that… All the skill in the world means nothing if you don’t have HEART and that’s what it takes to be a stand out fighter among a world of “cage fighters”

KNUXX SA: Take us through your average day?

KERON: Every day is an intense training day at FFM. Each day is technically broken down to develop maximum skill levels, for example: Mondays we do technical wrestling, sparring and BJJ. Tuesdays include Olympic lifting, pads, technical sparring, wrestling and BJJ, and so it carries on towards the end of a challenging 6 day week.

KNUXX SA: What has been your toughest challenge in MMA so far?

KERON: My toughest fight was my last fight against Morne Prinsloo at FS#3, but my toughest challenge has been uprooting myself from friends, family and the ocean to join the FFM team as a full time fighter. My days just aren’t the same without a wave 😉

KNUXX SA: Who do you look up to in the Sport and Why?

KERON: I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by a team of great fighters, all of whom I look up to and respect, but I have to mention Martin Van Staden as an inspiration. Having both come from the same back ground, even before I started MMA, he was always a dynamic and exciting fighter to watch, always keeping it real and always being there for me.
Richie Quan is also an inspiration. His knowledge of the sport is insane and we count ourselves lucky that he is willing to share this knowledge and teach us his highly developed skills!

KNUXX SA: What is the ultimate goal that you want to achieve in your MMA career?

KERON: I want to have more titles than the royal family and one day be fortunate enough to compete in the biggest worldwide promotions.

KNUXX SA: What is the next step for you in your career?

KERON: Still working my way through the amateur ranks the next logical step would be to make my name with a successful EFC career.

KNUXX SA: Why are you called “Skinner”?

KERON: My friends named me after an older Bluff guy that was notorious for destroying everything in his path.

KNUXX SA: Who would you like to thank that has helped you on your journey so far?

KERON: I’m blessed to have a long list of people to thank, from my first coach Donavin Hawkey at MMA Elites, to Padman AJ Swarts, Technical Stand-up coach Benny Du Plesis and head coach, friend and sponsor Calven Robinson from Undisputed MMA Academy. Rich and Chef and all my brothers at FFM, the Bluff community that continue to support me and all my sponsors, without whom I would not be able to continue doing this full time.

BADBOY – JM, Russell and Charl
Bluff Meat Supply – Calvin Robinson and Jason Pears
Full Contact Nutrition – John Lucas and Teddy Habib
Electric Eye Tattoo’s (Bloodline) Mully -the Legend
Iqhawe Protection Services – Donavan Pillay
GHD Designs – Clive Witte

And the continued and appreciated support from family, friends and MMA supporters.

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