Caged Minds Interview With “Smilin” Sam Alvey

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sam alvey

Posted by Mika Frankl

Knuxx writer Mike Frankl recently had the chance to conduct a radio style interview with The Ultimate Fighter season 16 cast member, MFC Middleweight number 1 contender, and Bellator tournament competitor “Smilin” Sam Alvey.

MF: Thank you for the time Sam, how you feeling?

SA:  I’m feeling great thanks for having me on. I’m feeling really good no injuries and training is going well, really looking forward to this MFC fight.

MF: Was that a shorter notice than you would like for a title fight, I think this fight came up with about 5 week’s notice?

SA: You know what; I always train so if someone offered me a fight tomorrow I would be able to do it. So five weeks is plenty of time I got to study up on him and change up my training ever so slightly. But I’m always ready to fight weather it’s in 5 hours or 5 weeks, I’ll be ready.

MF: Going into this fight we saw Mutapcic in his last fight, when he won the title with those devastating leg kicks, so what do you have in mind to do to throw Elvis off of using that weapon so effectively weapons?

SA: I probably got the same game plan as Mr. Henle who took the legs kick had and that’s to try to check the kicks. Hopefully it will go as easy as I think it will in my head, I may have to adapt during the fight if he starts landing.

MF: We know you’re coming off The Ultimate Fighter experience, so being stuck in the house for that long what was the experience like?

SA: It was great; I got to meet a lot of talented fights, a lot of great coaches. The only complaint I have is that it was really boring inside the house when we weren’t training, because you have nothing to do but hang out with a bunch of other guys who are just as board as you are. So other than that it was fantastic experience and if it was offered to me again I would probably take it again.

MF: So from someone who watches the show, do they allow you guys to bring anything into the house? Can you bring in like a CD player, ipod, bring some books?

SA: Nope we were not allowed to bring anything into the house for the most part. I think we were the first season that was even allowed to bring a bible. Prior to us no one was allowed to bring any books or anything.

There is much more to this interview to be heard in the video below…

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