Knuxx Fire & Ice Fight Week Interview With “Hollewood” Raymond Montes

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Posted by Mika Frankl

After the Fire & Ice fight week press conference I had a chance to talk with “Hollewood” Raymond Montes about his rematch Friday with Tony Valdez.

Was it you’re intention to come into the press conference and play the mental game; get that aspect going?

Mental games you know opening my mouth is just a way of life for me, in the gym, walking, spending time with my son, having fun with my friends. I know it gets under Tonys’ skin; you know I don’t really have anything personal against him, but he wants to mess with my dream and this all has to do with boxing. So therefore I had to put a stop to that. We did have little mishaps in the last fight. I’m not going to say I have any excuses it came out to a draw; we’ll see who the better person is in this fight. Good luck to Tony, him and all his fans from Espanola because they will leave ride out that’s for sure.

Has your level of excitement stayed at this peak level since word of the rematch?

Yeah, you know honestly Doris called us and said they don’t want to take the fight because the money is not right and I told Doris I would only take this fight if it was 8 rounds not 6, because we see him get tired in our last fight, so I was like give me 8 rounds. I’ve been waiting for 8 rounds already I really wanted to fight 10 honestly. I had to get on Facebook tag his name in it, talk more shit just so I can get him to sign the contract. At first he didn’t want to fight which is smart, he should have stayed on that level. Him signing that contract was like signing a Autograph deal for him to F*** himself. You know what I’m just saying that he shouldn’t have did it. Don’t play to the mental games buddy be smart Tony boxers are smart not dumb the good ones.

You’ve talked Tony into this fight, what will be the difference from the 1st fight to this fight?

Leg movement, head movement, angles, boxing around, this guy is too stiff. He was on the scale drinking coconut water with sweats on weighting 126, the next day I had to weight 126, so he doesn’t even come up to this weight, I still had to lose three pounds that morning. Me being more on point, more there, more accurate, he’s not going to know how to deal with my feet movement. He’s too stiff of a fighter and I’m not saying it putting him down as a fighter but we’re calibers we’re on different levels. Tony is not on my level. I don’t belong on Tony’s level, I’m more up here skillfully wise, smarter wise. I’m trying to be the smarter fighter not so much the fighter like I’m touch I can knock you out with one punch. He’s a natural 112 lbs. fighter and he’s not going to knock me out. I fought Alan Sanchez at 126 and didn’t ask for any extra money, because that’s what fighters do.

What’s the focus been like from the last fight to this fight?

My dieting that where my focus has been too, because the only discipline factor I had on the fight was my weight so we focused on my weight other than that I didn’t think I need to change anything else in my camp. I didn’t do anything we trained with, I went in there for tea all my muscles I couldn’t snap my punches or move my legs this time we get in there I’m going to be able to snap a whole lot more punches, more combinations and be a round up , all he’s going to be is a standing target. They called it fight of the year; I give the fight of the year to Manuel Eastman and Henry Anaya you know because that was for real fight of the year when I see it, because my performance was like shit that night, if his performance was that fight of the year was because;”Hollewood” gave a shity performance that’s why.

 So what’s the “Hollewood” prediction?

Hollewood predicts I wish he’d bet me his check, because I bet he can’t go more then 6 (rounds) because last time he got tired in six. Everybody was saying I don’t even think he could make it to 8 (rounds); so we’re going to see what happens this time/ I don’t think he makes it past 6 (rounds).

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