Knuxx Interview With Brandon Munoz By Caged Minds

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Posted by Mika Frankl

With the prospect of turning pro so close he feels it. We recently talked with Warrior’s Academy product Brandon Munoz to find out more about him and what he’s feeling about making the jump in the ring.

MF: About to make the jump from the amateur’s to the pros in the boxing ring how exciting is that prospect?

BM: I’m very excited right. I’m glad I have this opportunity and will see how it goes.

MF: There’s a rumor out there and it sounds like April 6th will be the date; you’re in training right now getting ready and how’s it going?

BM: I’m feeling great and hopefully it does get set for April 6th. I been training hard so hopefully just ready to go and will see hoe the fight goes.

MF: In preparation for this jump how have you kicked up the training?

BM: The training has been different right away from the start and the training has been great. I’ve been working a lot more on my boxing technique. It’s not about just scoring points; it’s about knocking this guy out. I’ve been working on my power as well. Doing everything I can, trying to get ready.

Find out Brandon’s thought on nerves and much more by playing the video below….

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