Knuxx Pre WareHouse Rumble 3 Interview With Yordan Hernandez Perez

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Matthew Baca & Yordan Hernandez Perez

Posted by Mika Frankl

Following a heated encounter at the weigh-ins we talk with Yordan Hernandez Perez to see how this upcoming bout with Matthew Baca has escalated from business to the verge of getting personal.

MF: Weigh-ins are over how you feeling Yordan?

YHP: I feel good. Training camp went well like I told everybody else. I had 5 pounds to work with. Everything has been going good.

MF: At the press conference prior to the weigh-ins you and Matthew seemed to have a mutual respect  but, now at the weigh-ins it got a little heated; is there a reason for that or is it just the intensity of the fight being right around the corner?

YHP: It could be a few different things the intensity of the fight, you know it’s the weigh-ins everybody is with their shirts off  and you do the face off again. Me personally I just don’t like getting face to face like alt of fighters do. I like to keep my distance. I don’t want to smell no one’s breath. I’m sure nobody wants to smell mine. That’s just how I do. I don’t want that. I like my distance. I’m not no shit talker. I don’t talk too much smack. I don’t want to smell your breath and that got it going from there. Some people in his corner started yelling out a few things and someone who doesn’t know who I am, who doesn’t have any business saying anything. He may not know anything about boxing and he ain’t seen me train, box, or spar, or anything; that’s why I mentioned you can have next too. Whoever you are? Besides that Matthew told me I hope you’re ready and I said I hope you’re ready. That was that the little conflict that was going on.

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