Knuxx Interview With Fire & Ice Headliner Diana Prazak

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Posted by Mika Frankl

On Wednesday November 21, 2012  at the at the John S. Crego Memorial Gym we had a chance to talk with Diana Prazak, the WIBA Super Featherweight Champion who is moving up 2 weight classes to face Holly Holm- The IBA & WBF Light Welterweight Champion on December 1, 2012 at the Route 66 casino Headlining the Fire & Ice event.

How are you feeling 2 weeks out from the fight?

I’m feeling pretty good we still got two weeks to go, which is good and feels like a long time. We’re still in full training and getting the most out of camp that we can, but at the moment everything feels good.

When you got the call to be a replacement and move further up the card, as you were originally going to take Victoria Cisnerios, was there even a thought process or was it a yes right away?

It was just yes right away. I think any fighter would do the same thing that I did. It’s what we do so and to get the opportunity to fight the best in the world were all going to take it.

Can you talk a little bit about traveling all the way around the world to come challenge someone in their home who is so highly ranked?

I live in LA now. I have lived in LA (Los Angeles, California) since January of this year so I was already in the states, but for me in Australia a lot of my opportunities weren’t there anymore and it’s a lot harder to bring people down to our country in Australia so I figured lets just go meet them where they are and give the best shot I got and that’s why I moved to LA so it was only like a two hour flight to here from LA so it wasn’t from around the world.

Sorry about the horrible question.

But the move to LA how big of deal was that?

It was a gigantic deal you leave everything that you know, everyone that you know and you move to a country where it obviously completely foreign. But I been lucky as a fighter I’m very focused on what I need to do and that’s my life it’s not a job, it’s actually the way I live. I’m lucky to have the best trainer in the world Lucia Rijker. I’m in a position now where I live in the boxing meca, I have a great opportunity the opportunity to fight Holly. The most dangerous women in the world is my trainer and I’m lucky enough to call her friend too. It’s just about getting what we can from life and doing the best we can with it and giving the best shot.

At the first sound of the fight everyone was making a deal that you’re moving up two weight classes to take this fight and you’ve said you walk around heavier and cut weight, and this is a easier cut for you. Is this something you’re going to continue fighting at a heavier weight class or is it a special occasion with the magnitude of the match-up?

Well everyone made a big deal about going up in weight; they should make a big deal. They should I’m 130 lbs. fighter. I have my title at 130lbs. and so it expected that people are going to make a big deal about it. I don’t really care. I’m fighting regardless. I can’t wait for the opportunity to face Holly. If I have to move weight in the future in my career I probably will, big deal I don’t care. I’m probably not going to stay at 140 lbs. probably going back down to 130 I have to defend my titles at 130. To me fight at 140 no big deal. Where fighters it’s what we do.


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