Knuxx Interview With FIT NHB’s Own King Of The Cage Featherweigh Champion Donald Sanchez

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Posted by Mika Frankl

I recently I had a chance to talk with King of the Cage Featherweight Champion, andFIT NHB fighter Donald Sanchez. Donald will be in the ring boxing on November 17, 2012 at the Crowne Plaza as part of the Johnny Tapia Presents: The Next Chapter.

First off how does it feel to be a part of the event?

Hey, man it’s a honor. I can’t wait to go in there and represent this. I always go over there and work with all the guys at Tapia and it’s an honor to fight on the same card with them and not only that, it’s the first card since “JT” (Johnny Tapia) is gone. I just can’t wait to represent his legacy.

Most of the time you’re known for being in the cage, how did the opportunity to boxer come about?

Here at FIT NHB we train everything, you know. We got boxers coming in, kickboxers, jiu jitsu, wrestling whatever you want. To be honest in a MMA fight I would rather stand up and bang so, what other than boxing you get to stand there duke it out so no wrestling in this.

So then from the time period now to the fight does that mean no MMMA training, just strictly  concentrating on boxing?

I still concentrate on everything, you never know when you can get a call for a fight but yes absolutely doing more boxing now but I am fine tuning still some other skills maybe not as hard in my jiu jitsu or MMA class but I’m still doing it as well with my boxing training.

So do MMA then going to be a Boxer, has it ever been a worry in your mind that you’ll slip under a punch and for a take down?

You know we’re so disciplined at this school it’s not going to happen. Our coaches here discipline us in one one sport at a time and then we combine it all together, so we could go into any of these sports and do it and hang with the best with the best of them.

And with that kind of unique style how does you feel the training benefits those arenas, dose it magnify each technique?

Absolutely, we get better at each one and we go in there and blend it. People see us in MMA these skills over exceed just when these guy practice only one thing we don’t, we’re at everything. It works out for us.

November 17 we got the boxing match scheduled for you, any other plans into the future besides that?

I’ll take whatever I can do, I just want to fight and whatever is going to feed the family man. I’m not in it for the money I’m in it to fight so I just want to stay busy and stay injury free. I’m down for boxing and MMA whatever it is.

When are you hoping to defend your title in MMA again?

To be honest I don’t know right now. If they give me the call and the right opponent it’s going to happen. So like I said before I just want to go in there and fight and if they give me the right fight it’s on.

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