Knuxx Interview With Jackson’s MMA Series X Co-Main Eventer Nick Urso

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Knuxx recently paid a visit to Jackson’s/Winekeljohns MMA, while there we had the chance to talk with one half of the co-main event for Jackson’s MMA series X on December 1, 2012.

Thank you Nick for the time.

Thanks for having me.

Your taking on David Ruelez at Jackson’s MMA Series X, we’re in fight week.

Yes Monday Morning.

How you feeling?

Man I feel go, I feel real good. I’m fighting at 135 this time, I normally fight at 125. I don’t really have to worry about the weight cut much, just ready to go.

How much easier is that mentally and physically?

I really like you know to be able to eat kind of freely and not pay too much attention to that is really nice. I got to enjoy Thanksgiving as well.

From that what’s your energy level like?

I feel great man I’m ready to fight right now. So it’s good.

Being in the co-main event, what’s that like?

It’s a huge honor especially on the Jackson’s Series it’s an awesome card. It’s a big event. It’s here in Albuquerque. It’s awesome especially under a Matt Leyva, always awesome to fight under him.

As far as David goes, can you share any thoughts on your opponent?

I just hear he’s a real tough guy, real scrappy. I hear he comes to fight, pretty much all I know.

You were telling us and everyone will recognize from the poster this is a change in opponent, how much notice did you have?

2 1/2 – 3 weeks. I don’t know what happened with the original opponent, but yeah I’ve known about it for a couple weeks. The last fight was supposed to at 125 and that why I’m at 135 now that’s how it works.

Any thoughts about being the smaller guy in the fight?

Well actually just my last fight, I fought a month ago. A late replacement, I took a fight on five day’s notice up in Canada. It was at 135 as well and he was a big 35er and you know I train with these guys all the time there’s only two 25ers in here and the other one is little John(Dodson) so I’m usually the smaller guy or the not as experienced guy so I feel alright about it.

So how do you think it helps you going into a fight having worked with the bigger guys the whole time?

It’s priceless. Not only are they bigger but, I’m working with some of the best guys in the world on a daily basis. That’s hard to compare with that.

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