Not Just a Blogger

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I had a certain phone number in my phone for two months before I ever officially started KNUXX.  I tried calling it once and hung up after about four rings and told myself that it probably wasn’t a good number anyway.  But I kept it in my phone.  Every couple of months I would look up the number and promptly decide that it wasn’t time to make the call – not yet.  That number was for Carlos Condit – given to me by a mutual friend who, after asking his permission, gave it to me so I could call and get an interview with him.

I ran into Condit at the last Jackson’s MMA Series and when I introduced myself he said “hey, weren’t you supposed to call me months ago?  Why haven’t you called?”  I muttered something like “I’ll call you this week, I promise.”  Why hadn’t I called?  Actually the answer is pretty complex and I couldn’t have answered it until the day that I finally had the interview – and the answer came from Carlos himself.

I met Condit at Jackson’s one evening a few weeks ago – he had just come from playing in the rain downtown during a photo shoot with Will Fox (the product of which you will see throughout this issue – including the cover).  I thanked him for taking the interview and, trying not to completely geek out, told him that it was a bit crazy for me to think that just a year before I was sitting in a cubicle talking about the fights with my “cube mates” at work where we tested and implemented financial software.

That’s when he said one of the most validating things I’ve ever heard.  He said that he thought it was cool that I was actually “putting it out there” and producing a paper, something tangible, for the fight community.  He said “at least you have something that people can pick up and read – something that isn’t just on the internet on some blog…  KNUXX isn’t just ‘’”.  Yes, I went out right away and bought that domain, but that’s not the point.  The point is that I have a plan for KNUXX, a vision you could say, and it’s so much bigger than what you see here.

KNUXX is a national brand and we will expand, and have already started to expand, into different markets.  Each market will have its own local-focused fight paper that supports the community like we’re doing now for New Mexico.  There will be a web presence, and blogs, but that just comes with the times.

It’s fitting that we started here since there’s already such a strong community.  And that’s why I didn’t call Carlos sooner – I wanted him to see that we were more than just a blog on the web.  I’m not just some blogger writing away in my mom’s basement.  I wanted him to feel, well, proud to be part of the paper.  I hope he does.  I know there are a lot of you who are – I get your emails and notes on Facebook.


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