#BUIRSKIARMY: Gareth Buirski

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Has anybody ever tried to catch electricity?? Well KNUXX SA did! We caught Gareth Buirski and sat him down to speak to us and this is what we got out of him….

KNUXX SA: You have just come off a good win against Francois Groenewald at EFC Africa 21 which many people doubted you could do, however you finished the fight in devastating form! How did you prepare for this fight?

GARETH: We prepared for this fight exactly how it ended…we knew for Francois Groenewald and to win this fight he had to take me down and try submit me so we trained a lot of take-down defence with me attacking straight from the attempt!! Looks like we had it spot on!

KNUXX SA: A very reliable source has told me that you do not touch fizzy drinks…but this source also supplied a picture of you all smiles with a “nameless” beverage in your hand…hehe!! You are known for your strict fitness regime. Is there ever a time in your life where you can sit back and just relax for a week or three?

GARETH: Usually over December holiday or the week after a fight it’s relax and pig out time!!

KNUXX SA: I know it’s up to the EFC but if you could pick who would you fight next?

GARETH: Anyone in the top ranks of the featherweight division is fine for me now…I’m not bothered about who I fight as long as it takes me to the top of the division!!

KNUXX SA: Where does the name “monkey ears” come from? (That’s from Wessel lol)

GARETH: Wahahaha…that was Abdul talking a bit of smack and now it stuck with me!! I just laugh because it’s funny, I don’t mind people making fun of me!

KNUXX SA: With the popularity of Buirski Army do you think this is the beginning of a legacy for the brothers?

GARETH: Yeah I think with all 3 of us fighting now the support is massive because all of our supporters carry over to one another but we just come and fight hard and the crowd seems to like that!! I think we all just want to get as far as we can in the short time we have for this amazing sport!!

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