EXPO 2013

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Tuff N Nuff is the Las Vegas amatuer promotion that builds the local talent here in Las Vegas, got to give big props to Barry and Jeff Meyer and Kerry Hartney, they do a great job and been around longer than anybody, they have a partnership with the UFC that I think is going to work out good for them, they have a show July 5th at South Point Casino during expo weekend so come and support their efforts, it is not easy doing what they do and they do more for mma than most. DogBoxer will be at the Fight Labs booth  during expo, Dan Freeman -Fight Labs creator is a huge supporter of mma and its fighters, not only that he has the best supplements I have ever seen and the fighters agree, we will have a very special guest at the booth so stop by the get some samples and meet everybody. Sidney Silva will have a few jujitsu players from his competition team at the Jujitsu tournament and will be stopping by the Fight Labs booth as well. Cali Cat- Zales model will be making her mma debut in Australia in September, she has been working hard and looking forward to letting it go, we will see if we can get her to stop by the Fight Labs booth next weekend, our good friend rapper AP9 has a new album coming out in July, he is a big supporter of DogBoxer and works with us when he is not creating gold records, Josh Boyd from Fight Church and Mike Smith of Blacksmith boxing and Wand Fight Team coach  will be available for during expo weekend, we have many friends and colleagues coming to town and we looking forward to seeing them. We have record heat forecasted so dont be surprised at the 115 degree heat. We looking to get our Texas DogBoxer Fighters on the WFC show in Baton Rouge July 27th with our very own Tommy Montoya coaching them so if you in that area think about supporting the Texas DogBoxers for they will be up agaisnt the home town boyz, Matt McGovern of the World Fighting Championships is another good promoter like Tuf N Nuff , I have known Matt since the boxing days in Reno when he worked for the Lane brothers of Mills Lane Lets Get It On Promotions, he pro debuted a few of our good amatuer boxers back then and he is always square biz, The WFC is growing fast and its a pro-am promotion, Matt also does alot for mma and its fighters giving them opportunities for good ammy,s to turn pro, Matt and the Meyers are some of the hardest working people in mma and without them we would not have the opportunities we have for the young up and comers so if you are a mma fan please support their endeavors for this is where the futures stars of mma are coming from, being a promoter, trainer, manager and fighter can be a thankless job, we can be a hero one day and a zero the next day, at the same time we need to thank the fans for without them none of us would be working, its the calm before the storm, expo here next week!!!