Knuxx Interviews Josh “Pitbull” Torres Just Days Before Johnny Tapia Presents: The Next Chapter

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Knuxx recently made a visit to Team Tapia Boxing Academy. While we were there, we spoke with Josh “Pitbull” Torres just days before his bout with Omar Quevedo, as part of a triple header main event at the Johnny Tapia Presents: The Next Chapter Event at the Crowne Plaza on November 17, 2012.

Thank you for the time Josh, how are you doing?

I’m doing good good, thank you for having me.

We talked to you over a month ago at the press conference, you said it would be an intense training camp with 6 weeks to prepare, how have the last 6 weeks went?

It’s been great we pushed it to the limit just like every other fight so were ready to go 100%.

So as much of the game plan as you can tell us give away now, what going to happen in the fight?

Our game plan is to go in there take care of business regardless of who the opponent is, were just going to go win and win impressively.

From last time we had talked to you there was several possible opponents, now with Omar do you have any thought to share with us?

My only thoughts are, regardless of his record every fight is tough, I have to train and push myself to the limit every time it takes a lot of sacrifice preparing for these fights so as much of a miss match it may look like don’t be fooled it’s going to be a tough fight and I’m prepared to go 8-10-12-14 rounds, I’m going to be ready for whatever this guy bring to the table.

We have a 6 round fight on our hands this time right?

This one yes 6 rounds or less.

With that how’s the cardio, how’s the diet, how’s the weight right now?

Everything is coming along, we’re right where we need to be.  We’re close to peaking out and I’m feel good ready to ready to get it over with.

November 17, 2012- fight night, what’s going to be the difference between you and Omar?

Definitely the conditioning, the mental strength and the experience. I feel this past year has been a good year for me despite my loss. I’ve learned a little bit from every fight that I’ve had, so I’m going to it into this next fight and show the thing that its taught me and come out victorious.

Josh would like to thank: To all my fans thank for all your support means the world to me, you guy make it all worth it. For all my sponsors Knuxx, King James Designs, Jakes 4th Street Barber Shop, MADD (Mother against Drunk Driving) look out for them at the fights they will be having a booth there and I hope to see everybody there it’s a great night of fighting for New Mexico Boxing and it’s going to be a great show you don’t want to miss it.

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