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Posted by Mika Frankl

The rematch was made on short notice, but had been 9 years in the making. Even though he was the underdog in the second fight, it ended just the same as the first bout. Following an upset 1st round TKO victory over Hector Munoz we talk with Bernardo Guereca.

MF: How you feeling about the performance?

BG: I felt good. I feel good. I knew I couldn’t leave it up to the judges because in my last two fights, up here, the judges haven’t been nice to me. So, I had to take him out like I know how to do. In June it will have been 9 years since the first time we fought for the New Mexico State Title belt and I knocked him out in the first round. We talked about the rematch for 9 years. I told him the same thing was going to happen and I (would) prove it to him. I want Pitbull; I want to fight Pitbull. I think he can only become a better fighter if he fights me again. I don’t know why he wouldn’t want to fight me. I don’t know why he is scared to fight me. I can only make you a better fighter Pitbull. You want to become a better fighter, fight me.

MF: How do you feel about the Johnny Tapia Presents the Next Chapter Promotion since we’ve seen you in the main event of all 3 events and how do you like fighting here?

BG: I love it. I love Team Tapia. They (have) been helping me, and I’m real thankful to them. Thank you Teresa Tapia, and Thank you Eva Chavez for having me on your show. I really appreciate it.  They have me in the show because they know I give a great fight. With Joaquin it was a great fight, with Pitbull it was a good fight, and this one was a better fight for me because I didn’t have to leave it up to the judges. Keep bringing me back here. I just want to give the crowd in Albuquerque a good show, even though I’m the bad guy. If you like boxing I’m going to give you a good show and a tough fight. That’s what I’m bringing and that’s what I’m going to do.

To hear the entire interview play the video below…

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