Knuxx Post-Fight Interview With Hunter Tucker

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Coming off of a second round submission victory over Nate Patterson, we catch up with Hunter Tucker.

You won and put the man to sleep.

“Yeah man, it was a tough fight. I felt like it was a little back and forth but I was happy to get there and scrap, happy to come out with the W.”

Would you say it’s appropriate to that the standup was 50/50 and the grappling was more 80/20?

“Honestly I’m one of those guys that’s just like in the mode, so I don’t know exactly what went down but I’m looking forward to watching the film, picking it apart and seeing where I need to get better, what I did wrong and address it.”

From in that moment is there anything you can pick out that you disliked in your performance before watching the tape?

“I’m kind of a perfectionist and I felt like it was a little sloppy here and there. I’ve had fight before where I think their terrible and then I watch the film back that was pretty good, so will see.”

What up tonight, what’s next?

“Go drink a beer or two, it’s been a while since I had a couple of those, but yeah drink one of those kick back with my family and celebrate a little bit.”

After the celebration, how long before you’re back in the gym working?

“I’d say probably a week man. I’m going to take like a week off, then get right back to it. I got work to do, you know this is what I do get right back in the gym and keep improving.”

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