Knuxx Post WareHouse Rumble 3 Interview With Josh “Pitbull” Torres By Caged Minds

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Following his 7th round TKO win over Jose Luis Sanchez Josh Torres gave us the time to ask him a few questions about the fight.

MF: How are you feeling coming off the TKO win and it being in the main event?

JT: It feels great with this kind of victory in front of my hometown; with all the audience cheering me on. It was a big victory and all glory to God. Without him none of this would be possible. Thank you to my team for all your training. We put in the world and it definitely showed tonight.

MF: In the later rounds you started to hurt Sanchez to the body the crowd started going wild with “Pitbull” Chats, could you hear that and how did it effect you?

JT: That’s what pumped me up and gave me my second win. He was hurting me to the body, he’s a strong kid and he has a lot of heart. He was digging those body shots and they took a little bit out of me. But, when I heard those Pitbull chants it definitely fueled me to find that second win. We did what we had to do to come out with the victory.

To hear the entire interview play the video below…

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